& quot; Side & quot; Founder JiaoXueNing: a social idealists confessions

hunting cloud network note: social applications have a chance? Side is a social product, anonymous reports received a cloud network hunting in the early years of its launch, many investors see reports found team. Founder JiaoNing sent the manuscript to his hunting cloud network today, talk about his view of the social.

author: JiaoXueNing

this past weekend, I get up at 5 o ‘clock in the morning catch a plane to nearly 3000 km to Shanghai took part in the life the activity of the first “see a net friend” – with her book store at the “four male and river’s lake” behind closed doors – micro letter to and I the only active group of “fourfold group” over the long term in mind never meet friends meet.

as a closed-door meetings, according to the group of rules I can’t reveal the various harvest and gossip, I just want to talk about my own related private discussions. When I introduced my first launch of the anonymous social products “- a stranger circle of friends”, after a few friends in addition to my product positioning and future direction are given a lot of advice, have openly pointed out, including “side”, all anonymous products around but the snag.

“do an anonymous social products, but also not about guns?” Almost all of the feasibility of this product and future space presents a big question mark. Their reaction, wouldn’t surprise me because I have been a lot of other friends got similar feedback, and even a friend joked: “anonymous social about guns, not simply irresponsible.” I know all your friends are well-intentioned, they all know anonymous social field depth of pit more risky, so will say “booty call is a quick access to the user’s means”, “booty call just need”, “you can’t stop the user in the anonymous environment of booty call impulse”, and so on.

however, anonymity is to ridicule booty call out negative energy?

gossip, after repeatedly asked the question, I have already can’t escape this may decide the fate of the “side” key issues. Let me talk to my ideal social platform should be how.

a ideal social platform, should try to avoid those factors may distort social behaviour, such as: image and identity. With head, girls will get more attention, so P figure beautiful behavior almost become the beauty of the standard; Has the identity, big V and successful people are bound to get more say, while the audience thumb up and comments become the maintaining or relationship of vanity fair.

a ideal social platform, there should be no pressure, can at any time to share to share, don’t have to worry about an acquaintance feel after seeing “with force” or “forced” enough. Shouldn’t be embarrassed because people share in the overseas holidays to share out the blue sky of autumn sunset, also won’t because others in forwarding all kinds of high force article information was embarrassed to say that they actually liked that Korean dramas last night.

a ideal social platform, should let you always have an audience to share, not because of who you are, but because Nobody but neglect, also need not because you are Somebody get all sorts of licking. The best state, is someone you share can always bring some feeling, a little help, a smile, a trace of warmth.

a told me at the moment, for example, traffic detours sharing, best downstairs for a circle of friends is meaningless, no clear audience for weibo, for is in the same building at the moment, is to help and valuable information. Again, for example, in a concert singer clothing praise or a song out of tune poke fun, to share in the circle of friends is irrelevant things to others, and to be the scene could be hearty laugh and more resonance.

a ideal social platform, you should let your voice stay put, only to be predestiny here or who needs it, completely don’t need to spread and forwarded to the thousands of miles away. Think about it, let the moment near his expression can directly reach someone on the phone, let this moment to share in the cloud on a server here and waiting for the next person to see, isn’t this a very interesting thing?

a ideal social platform, just as one will never be tired of the audience, there quietly listen to you. No utilitarian heart, keep curiosity, don’t expect to have affairs and miracle, only the countless times pass by and unexpected encounter. As you will at some point of the journey one said a lot of what you said is never in the circle of friends, in the past, just stay in the past.

a ideal social platform, can let you like in a cafe around to hear all kinds of discussions and fragments, see all kinds of characters and emotions. But you can choose only one audience, can choose to keep the world at arm’s length distance, unnecessary for everyone held out his hand to greet, don’t have to look forward to the beautiful girl sitting in the corner nod and smile or leave a number for you.

my cat go out at night is gone, whether there is a social platform can let me shout a voice ask friends to help provide clues around? Suddenly the power went out in the home, whether there is a social platform can let me ask around the somebody else will have electricity? Traffic restrictions inevitable, whether to have a social platform can let me direct to carpool and mutual assistance with people around? Newly arrived somewhere, whether to have a social platform allows me to understand what people around you, what are they talking about? And so on.

I don’t know if everyone is satisfied with the current social platform, wasn’t sure of everyone as long as anonymous it becomes another kind of people in the darkness. But this does not prevent me to imagine and create a more simple and clean social platform, to a more meaningful social action – for example, for the people around you tell me about your life!

we are trying to make “side” as his ideal social platform, and look forward to let more people can understand and accept this social way. In the “side”, everyone have no identity, are only simple sharing and comments, you can only see no more than 20 kilometers of share content, we encourage you to just look around 500 meters or even a smaller distance, the content of the because these shares may be more relevant and your life. You share never lack of audience, because we will share each is pushed to the surrounding all “people” – as long as you distance within his choice to receive.

in the “side”, everyone did not have the status and features of the real life, but so that you will pay more attention to their content; In the “side”. Everyone have no names, but they can always bring you again with your distance some associations and reference. The most important of all, they don’t know who you are, but they may appreciate you just share a small spark.

want to say to say! Want to praise praise! This is the “side – the stranger’s circle of friends.

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