Should not be ignored, ali formally entered security software

(word/Yao Hongxi)

yesterday, ali low-key launch mobile overwhelmed with news by a great number of information security products, as a rule, it’s not normal.

a long time, I had a hunch that ali will be launched in the nature of antivirus security products, rather than the original only upgrade based on transaction security plug-ins. reason basically has two, one is the concept of network security has been beyond money trading now, part of the loss will affect the reliability of the whole transaction chain ali. Another is the giant of ali has missing in security software, only need to make up for.

in the 15 years development course, ali’s electric business platform transaction amount is astronomical, in the process to ensure the security of the transaction and the funds when its efforts to have strong ability of security protection. Just last week on the ants financial Open Day special security, I worked in circle of friends to make the following regrets: ali in the fund transaction security, security is one of the most successful domestic, not personal or corporate security software is a little pity. (note: ants financial and ali group in the aspect of safety resources highly Shared)

thanks, ali didn’t let me wait too long. yesterday, alibaba group formally issued two ali money shield (security app) respectively and ali gather security (mobile security open platform), not only the domestic, more for the world. This also means that ali formally entered the field of security software.

ali money shield can be done? Official page displays, currently only support mobile terminal (believe that PC is not far away, right?) With online shopping bodyguards, wealth management and destroyer security aides three main functions. Security guards can do virus scan, harassing interception, monitoring, and mobile network environment security; Online bodyguard is ali accumulated many years of online transaction security technology core, covering the account protection, SMS code and phishing protection, etc. Look from the general function, ali shield can do the work with money, such as the 360 mobile phones guard, tencent housekeeper, etc. Not much difference.

poly security is to shoulder the burden of the ali mobile security ecosystem construction, is geared to the needs of developers, to secure mobile application as the core of open platform, deep screening have malicious code, security vulnerabilities, security components, the application of reinforcement, etc. That is to say, the developer can directly based on poly (safety current safety infrastructure to develop their own application products, reduce subsequent safety concerns. Since October 22, poly security comprehensive open free open beta.

it seems that ali now is mainly based on the individual client and the developer and launched the new product. According to the official statement, alibaba is not a simple security software, but to focus on building from the user to partners, to the developers of the mobile security ecosystem.

this idea also conforms to the nowadays development trend. such as shopping, social behavior is increasingly done through mobile terminal, under the trend of safety problems never seemed to today, the diversity and complexity, so give priority to with mobile devices and address book, bank accounts, photos is closely related to private information, such as safety protection is not only a portion of the App, the phone itself, but rather to become a system engineering,. in the midst of it, this link around the initial build App developers also became the starting point of protective nature.

when it comes to safety, had to put aside the above topic around the domestic security market pattern. 360 held a safe stick that product rapid spread, and launched the browser, search, games and other business, become a little giant BAT began to threats. Tencent, baidu waking up one after another, began to introduce their security products back; Lei jun millet cheetahs guard; Today, ali also managed to make up for the gap, will also be gradually balance the domestic security market.

SO, the question comes, giants are pushing security software, ordinary users which would you choose?

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