Shopping Tinder: a blank cheque to build lightweight shopping application

cloud network hunting note: if a blank cheque to you, will you? Buy local tyrants gold? Buy a luxury car? Travel around the world? Look at the two after the age of 21, 90 what did!!!! They use the money to create a lightweight shopping application Shopper, and is to the southeast Asia shopping application direction of leader.

in Tokopedia, alibaba puts glorious greatly in 2014, the competition among e-commerce company, is becoming increasingly fierce, many big brands are trying to get through online marketing channel to join the war. But often they end up like this: set up a Facebook page and Twitter account, bought in the Google search advertising, created their own mobile applications, are consumers to “pull into the blacklist”.

consumers face a pile of diversity of shopping application is also very difficult, they both want to get convenience when shopping, and daily push again bother, shopping and full screen application it occupies too much space, please! Online shopping application Shopper’s chief marketing and co-founder Sylvia Yin and her friends are acutely aware of this, in fact, they themselves are the one.

what’s worse, these applications are also not bad to let a person be sure to uninstall, just flat to stay there, let you swing. Yin to investigate the application of user experience, find its and consumers shopping in the shop when the sales staff along with feeling is the same – uncomfortable. “What we want is not the application of a push commodity information all day long,” she said, “most of the time, we just want to provide a viewing window.”

based on the idea, the founder of Kendrick Wong decided together to build a popular and team light shopping application, to the user to stress free shopping experience.

shopping application of Tinder

Shopper lots of reference to the application date Tinder the “slide to explore”. Once you via Facebook account login, the application will use Yin called “social” calculation of the clustering algorithm shows you might like product to you, all the results are based on your thumb up and personal information. After the thing is very simple, as well as Tinder, scroll left as like, slide to the right.

“The more they swipe, The better our recommendations get as we attach attributes to The each products and get a better sense of what they want at what time of The day,” Yin elaborates.

“user sliding, the more the more we get the data. Based on these data we can recommend to users is more suitable for their products, and find out what time of the day they want to what kind of products.” Yin said.

the user can also directly by the application of search, buy the products they want, which greatly saves the shop to buy the time. Users will receive the notice when brand is there any discount, this also means that they won’t miss any good deals.

Yin said their target markets include the savvy women between 18 and 32. “They love fashion, avant-garde, Internet, and I love buying clothes online,” she explained, “they are to appear on the new trend of the application of such as sets, these will become the inspiration they buy clothes. Mobile phone is an indispensable part of their life – from the day-to-day things to which restaurant to eat such search, understand the product information before shopping, they cannot leave the mobile phone.”

all this started as a check

Shopper is to simply cannot again simple application, but the team’s entrepreneurial journey is not so simple. At first, Wong, working for an angel investor in Malaysia, to help her startup of terminal architecture, at the same time, he also study in the UK, and considering the two pen has already begun to stay in the UK to continue operating business.

a month before his graduation, the angels gave Wong, a surprise: with a blank cheque for Wong, a small stake in the company in the future. It also made later Shopper. The only fly in the ointment is that the Wong had to return to Malaysia where he started his business. According to Wong’s blog, he was startled, to say the least:

“Malaysia offer is not high as the sponsor, but I felt completely trust from angel investors (… ) this is the first time in 21 years I see someone willing to take a huge risk, investment to a completely have not seen, and the man that is in Malaysia. This is for me, the confidence and trust of both giant leap, and her about business proposal back to Malaysia also becomes can be accepted. She believes that things change, believe that the mobile technology, believe the startup – these are all what I need. So, of course, I agreed.”

those are happened in May this year. The creation of a is the team shall then be made. After failing to convince friends to join, Wong, turning to one of his college classmate, Yin. Yin and Wong has just graduated, it’s a standard model of cla, hope in the big company to find a stable job management consultant.

As to, he initially had his reservations on been he order to be able to convince its ehrs to, As he puts it, “throw hell to its ehrs the plans and join me in building a high – risk start – up with a low chance of success.”

as a result, he initially reserved if he can persuade her, as he put it, “throw her hell plans to establish a high-risk business together with me with the chance of success is very low.”

so, Wong, the beginning is not very hopeful to able to persuade her to join, as he puts it, “she abandoned the original plan, at great risk the possibility of a joint venture with me is really very low.”

to Wong, did not expect, Yin was going through a personal crisis and feel tired for the system. She recalled:

“for so many years, I became completely in line with the product of social standard, the pursuit of a comfortable life, did not dare to adventure. I firmly believe that good grades and famous university degrees can bring me pay a lot of dream job (… ) because I have been under the idea to live comfortably, deep down some of the ideas was completely ignored: I’m really happy? No, I am not happy. In fact, I’m just afraid, afraid of “failure”. Because of fears that deviates from the traditional way to success, I have been tied with the so-called standard, and never to explore my own creativity. Worst of all, I am no longer listen to the voice of my heart, I also deliberately hide their potential.”

so when Wong came to see her, she showed great interest. “I had planned to take a year, learn yoga, read anything I like to read books, learn anything I want to learn,” she said, “so when Kendrick ask me when do you want to create a Shopper together, he really caught up with a good time.”

two weeks later, Yin became the Shopper’s co-founder. Soon after, Wong with Yin and persuaded a top designer Nikolai Malaysia Prettner join, according to the description of Wong, he was like “lean, Austria hippie” with green and purple hair.

so far progress

the team so far has made a number of business competition’s victory, for example AngelHack Kuala and MYDD AT& T Hackathon. According to Mr Wong, their evaluation is to “quite optimistic”. “We are still in preparing to launch test version, and hope that in the near future an Android beta.” “He added.

Yin said in an interview that they have the confidence to become the leader of southeast Asia mobile fashion shopping, and is therefore financing. In just two weeks in the first round of financing, they have already get the favour of many venture capitalists, while Wong wants to sign the agreement with them as soon as possible.

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