Shoes can give you a call, Dorothy to help you get rid of the embarrassing situation

hunting cloud network reported on October 30,

you have trapped by an embarrassing scene too? You pray your phone will ring, let you can get away with you. There is no doubt that you must have had. Dorothy design purpose, is to help you resolve the embarrassment and.

Dorothy can is a kind of “stupid” shoes become “smart” triggers. Dorothy by “Ruby” (a small installation in your shoe connection device) and a mobile application. No matter when, as long as you gently “stamp” 3 times, you touch switch, to call you a fake.

Dorothy can custom information, information content included in your current location, and then send the information to your friends, let them know where you are. Soon, Dorothy will be committed to a new study — automatically send Uber information, make the taxi into your position.

so, how does it work? Dorothy is LightBlue Bean control, this is an own bluetooth chip, accelerometer and button batteries Arduino microcontroller. Dorothy’s principle of work is very simple, as long as “Ruby” installed in your shoes, connect it and Dorothy iPhone applications, and then set your after successful touch switch, how to make it. Airborne accelerometer will via bluetooth (monitored data value is a short period of time), send signals to your mobile phone.

Dorothy application is to use Objective – C, using Bean iOS SDK. Through AFNetworking, developers will be able to connect to the server, a small node click Twilio apis to trigger appropriate actions (give you a call or send information to your friends).

Ruby includes three part of 3 d printing shell, a laser cutting acrylic panel and LightBlue Bean. Ruby shell design, is to use CAD program imitating natural gem cutting surface design, while maintaining the compact form factor (now the specification is 1.35 “* 0.88” * 0.35 “).

Ruby’s shell is a 3 d printing, carefully remove the folds and faults. Then through extrusion, the steel seal with sticky rubber (Sugru) from signs around the front shell. This deepened the color, enhance the touch. LightBlue Bean is on the inside of the shell, covered by a thin layer of laser – etched acrylic panel. Finally, it is also connected with a flexible clamp.

the project developer in his own publicity page wrote: “hope in the near future we will be able to use this trigger, doing more is different. Such as the taxi will automatically open to your position, or automatic order your favorite pizza. We’d like to hear your ideas, please let us know the results you want, we can let you customize their Dorothy!”

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