Shock!!! Change of insider: Microsoft CEO Steve ballmer break with old friends gates

guide language: the Quartz site, according to Wednesday, according to a report in the vanity fair magazine’s recent Microsoft CEO Satya nabarro Della (Satya Nadella) defeated Microsoft many internal and external candidates, finally success as Microsoft CEO. The process, the interests of all parties with Microsoft game.

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for former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) to find successor cost a very long time, but in fact, for a big company, so that executives should change often in advance to make a decision. In vanity fair magazine in an article, Bert, McLean grace (where Bethany McLean) reported around Microsoft CEO transition complex condition.

Steve ballmer said in June last year, he has reached a friendly agreement, will buy nokia equipment business, the deal just need to get the approval of the board of directors. He did not attend the son’s high school graduation dinner, and the next day the board refused to approve the deal, and don’t want to discuss. Ballmer anger, and even Shouting and threatened he would resign. Microsoft founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates) is one of the decision, so he felt betrayed.

the board ultimately backed down and agreed to the deal a version. But it is clear that Mr Ballmer cannot on the CEO’s job to stay on, even if Microsoft has not yet found CEO succession at the time. Ballmer to McLean said: “a board of directors to make some decisions already cannot be redeemed.”

the incident also contributed to the gates and ballmer division: the two old friends are no longer contact, lead to Microsoft’s search process more complicated.

this is grace McLean seriously considered by the board of directors of the listed Microsoft CEO candidate:

ford CEO Alan Mulally (Allan Mulally)

the enterprises recovery experts originally was a strong candidate for the Microsoft chief executive, but, he said, should not be asked to accept a formal interview for the job.

qualcomm Krakow, CEO Steve morrow (Steve Mollenkopf)

mollen was qualcomm’s chief operating officer, and is also a Microsoft chief executive important external candidates. After Microsoft’s interest in, he said, however, qualcomm is appointed him within 24 hours for the company’s new CEO.

Pivotal CEO Paul Mali, (Paul Maritz)

it is clear that Mali says, Microsoft has lag behind, the need for slimming and make some difficult decisions. Gates has a different opinion, then Mali, refuses to do in this position, because he thinks he will lack enough autonomy.

Virtual Instruments CEO, Microsoft’s board member John Thompson (John Thompson)

the sources of McLean said, a former IBM executives did not actively seek the job, and he has to succeed Mr Ballmer became the chairman of Microsoft. When the choice of other members of the board of directors have put Thompson, gates said the does not support.

Ericsson CEO (12.11, 0.16, 1.34%), (Hans Vestburg)

after many external candidate refused, Microsoft certain members of the board of directors hope from outside the company is still looking for a new CEO. , however, delayed the meeting of the board of directors with Microsoft, this makes Microsoft’s board believes that he is very interested in this job is not.

Microsoft’s chief operating officer Kevin Turner (Kevin Turner)

as wal-mart former executives, Turner supported by Mr. Ballmer. However, he lost in the race for the internal candidates to Della.

, how to stand out from so many candidates?

in addition to the faithful to Microsoft, he was also thought to is willing to make a change, break through the relatively closed corporate culture. And, more importantly, he is a “nice” people, get the support from both sides of the ballmer and gates, and the others would follow Della. Gates decided to play a more active role in Microsoft, it also requires CEO must be able to work closely with gates. (d)

source: sina science and technology

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