Shinyo seeks? Millet patent 100 million yuan to buy mobile phone chips

a public announcement in the datang telecom last night millet focus on the media, is the core content of patent technology transfer. Datang telecom technology co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary lian core with Beijing pinecone electronics co., LTD. Signed the SDR1860 platform technology transfer contract, the former put the technology patent licensing with the price of 103 million yuan to the latter.

on the surface which was not directly associated with millet company, according to a survey of sina science and technology, Beijing pinecone electronic co., LTD., is likely to be a company controlled by millet company.

in sina science and technology report pointed out that the industrial and commercial registration information shows that Beijing pinecone electronics co., LTD was established on October 16, and this year for Zhu Ling legal representative, registered capital of 100000 yuan. In a list of key employees have disclosed, besides Zhu Ling, and a company called Ye Yuanbo employees as a supervisor. And that both for millet, the company’s employees, and is responsible for technology research and development related work. A reliable evidence is: after the two men appeared in millet company’s patent inventor list. But at present, millet official did not respond.

and, according to people familiar with the millet architecture of the unit set up mainly to research and development of mobile phone chips and do. If that happens, millet company’s ambition didn’t seem to stay in the original triathlon intelligent hardware, software and services, and has more extension of space.

the recent news that millet company are planning a new round of financing, pricing valuation to $43 billion, compared to last year, the last time the valuation of financing quadrupled. At the same time, the company in the near future also back into the original Chen tong, rival sina editor to the partnership to strengthen ecological construction. Lenovo this point buy chips patents, also from the indirect effect of millet valuation indirect stimulation effect.

according to tecent science and technology, among other millet company is the original plan and the core technology to build a new company, specialized in mobile phone chips core technology research and application. But in the end, both parties may agree on equity issues is not, and technology licensing may be both satisfactory solution.

the time chip patent for millet can play what role? At present, the patent is concentrated in the appearance of the millet mobile phone design level, the core patent on the reserve of communication is almost zero, this fear into the key when international expansion, the time when buying can avoid patent litigation of patent only passive situation.

at present, the millet mobile phone chip mainly adopts qualcomm, mediatek, such as manufacturers, in the current tends to be strict with mobile phone performance, price, availability, stability considerations of the chip is higher and higher. Millet company has had a long time chip procurement difficulties and shortages.

the league core technology transfer SDR1860 core technology platform is based on the code-named “LC1860” SoC five mode of LTE 4 g mobile phone chips. In a sense, the platform technology transfer means of millet in obtaining al core technology cross patent protection at the same time, the technology can begin to research and development of 4 g mobile phone chips. But from the current view, al core technology products technical maturity as companies such as qualcomm, spreadtrum, millet personally do chip development difficult.

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