Sharing code design, Froont make lot of web site design

as early as May 2013 Froont has strong arms vc firms invest in Finland launched a beta version of application, it provides the designer a more simple way of sharing to his team members or the customer, the application can be used to create a web site design, modeling and sharing response type, without the need to like traditional by writing code to pass information. When the idea is to try every way to abolish by Photoshop to map simulation and the real figure, at least in HTML/CSS environment can guarantee the normal work of the can. The startup visual editing application has ended today test version, the company introduced a wider platform to share with the community of designers website design, as simple as they share code before.

Froont flagship version of the function can now implement the cloning, edit, and share a design project with customers, or to the current file as a new starting point of design work. In some ways this app is a little like the original code in making environment under the mode of operation, it has a wider open source as its overall, but for visual designers, thanks to the Froont have a visual editor based on browser, such ability make their work more conveniently.

one co-founder and chief executive of Froont Sandijs Ruluks references to the design community Behance and Dribbble pointed out: after some of the ideas of designers are willing to share their work, because through sharing can make them more accurately grasp the new trend of designs and be able to quickly make up their own solutions. These also apply to making, people like to share their code in such a community, and at the same time also like to learn from the excellent works of others. Is the most interesting of the open source programming has now become the very normal matter in the industry, the advantages of this kind of atmosphere is undeniable. But now the design of the open source at present is not very perfect, although we now see everyone calls or higher, but also need time to open the test.

and programmers, web designers and web developers are now able to freely share their design ICONS, WordPress themes, UI, the Bootstrap or Zurb framework, such as Ruluks think this sharing behavior should be able to cover the entire response type of page design. But until now, he hasn’t come up with a good way to make this idea.

he said: “the reason that the rest of the web design can not fully receive into sharing community because of a very simple reason, that is we are now the industry lacks a real open standards. The code is open, but can’t walk to arrive together to Photoshop and code. We can hope to make all the designers are very fluent grasp programming technology, but obviously there are specializing in, if they are to master the art of programming, programmers do we want? So we need at this moment Froont to assist our work.”

Ruluks said here is true, Froont visual editor is mainly through the more base drag and drop design work, it is the format of the output is mostly HTML 5 and CSS 3, so it is entirely based on our web design standards in fashion now. He also added: “we got a very big opportunity, it can make a design to realize open, this means that people can share their design, to proclaim to the world, this is my masterpiece, or draw inspiration from other people’s outstanding works inspired. At the same time, design and before they can be used directly on top of this continue to add your own new design elements. Such an open form can make designers by drawing from the outstanding works of others, in turn, faster to design their style of work, they can fully display their works working prototype, and the whole work delivered to the party without more multifarious work after using can make website officially launched, is a kind of “out of the box” works.”

Froont new free profit model is also very interesting. Non-paying users on the platform any page or the micro site has been created in the state of the public, anyone can clone, edit, and use, if you want to make your work is in a state of a mysterious, so you need to pay a certain software subscription fees, so it can let you control your work when available. As Ruluks said, “free to use the cost of the platform is to share your work, if you want more privacy services then your price is darling to pay money.”


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