Share reading notes, Blloon earn free ebook reading platform

for the younger generation, smart phones and tablet have become an indispensable part of life, is not only a game entertainment, as well as learning and reading, but few people use e-book to read. From Berlin Blloon e-book service co., LTD. Is a do startups, they hope to have more young people pick up the books, use e-books to read. Let’s learn about the Blloon story.

berlin-based startups Blloon recently released an application, the application by providing free value-added model, such as user registration present a certain number of pages (1000) to let more young people use e-book reading. After get these free page they can immediately began to read. Provided by the free page enough users read three books.

this is the main target age group of 18 to 28 years old young man. Application developers think this group need to give some free policies to encourage them to use e-books. And applied to the user can do something like sharing reading and comments to get extra page free of charge.

of course, also have special purchase choice in your application, for those who are voracious readers, this guarantees that their books to read. The user can choose to pay 1.29 pounds for 100 page, or become a monthly premium membership: 3.99 on page 500, 1000, of 6.99 pounds. A senior member and can be used within 12 months any page has not been read books.

the application has been officially released, can be downloaded for free iOS version (need to use the iPhone or tablet).

the application of the design is very humanization, the cover of the book can be rolling stack display appears when you click on the description of the individual. And the content of the book is aimed at the youth market of well-chosen, through a variety of reading list to help users found what I loved to look at the books.

Bllon commitment at this early stage, there are about 1 million books, but they expected a huge increase in new books before Christmas.

Blloon founder Thomas Leliveld before founding Blloon this summer to work in the publishing industry and electronic industry for 4 years. He said: “through our observation of the 18 to 28 years old age group, whether students, anyone starting a new job or young professor, both men and women, their reading habits are quite casual on for a long time.”

“we are building a Readlists to reaction under special mood, at a time of special user’s life, and often update on it. For example “Make me laugh”, “Single Life” or “The London Film Festival”. Blloon user can create his own in the future, update, and share these Readlists, and by creating one of the most popular Readlists to get free page. This with some music service (such as a playlist) are very similar.”

in discussing the opportunity of electronic reading, he added: “according to a recent study showed that the younger generation believes that e-books are expensive. And Blloon according to this, allowing users to read for free.”

“in the second, young people interested in e-book is not, but by contrast our ideas. As we know, they are often on the phone or tablet to read, but they have not a can match with their way of life of the platform.”

Blloon gaming elements in addition to the young generation are more likely to use mobile phone interface, also provided free of charge for them at least an ebook, and these are not on mobile phone or tablet. Leliveld hope these elements can lead to a new generation of groups to read e-books.

the application in release period cooperation named publishers have Allen & amp; Unwind, Diversion, Books, Faber Factory, the Guardian Books, Houghton Mifflin militants, Lonely Planet, the Open Road Media, Profile, RoserraBooks and Workman Publishing, cooperation named dealers have Ingram Content Group and Gardners.

the application services provided by is not unlimited provide like Amazon Kindle, charging $9.99 per month. But after deliberation is the creator of the Blloon decided not to provide unlimited service. The reason is this kind of service is not required for most readers, and as a consequence will result in further charges.

Leliveld said: “we do not provide unlimited service, just because we believe that most readers do not need to use 10 + per month. Books provide unlimited service will make monthly service charge higher prices. Blloon, on the other hand, in view of the actual reading habits provide adequate quantity and quality of service, and the price also will be more attractive (3.99 pounds) a month. If members want to read more books, he/she can invite others or evaluation of a book to get more pages.”

so the application by providing low price rent and optional payment to artificially Amazon prices lower, at the same time, users need additional pay or pay you get books have certain limit.

Blloon said in the release period they get paid a well-known publishers contract than Amazon. Second, if as additional rewards, users use the platform, users can get more free page.

Leliveld said: “another difference is that the quality of collected books in the catalogue. With well-known publishers of the contract, we will be able to provide the famous best-selling books and works of famous writers.”

Leliveld also introduced in the field of ebook services are other start-ups, such as KU of Britain and American Oyster.

Blloon seed round of funding from the European vc firms, strategic resources, and angel investors. As will be officially released this month, Blloon is ending its first round. But so far, Blloon has not revealed its financing for the specific number.


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