“Share” motion idle items share platform, platform does not involve trading

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motion in offline hey store layout, online also didn’t stop exploring, 13 years earlier low-key formally launched, on October 22, idle items sharing platform “sharing” motion. Recently the mobile client is running with a period of time.

this product development team members consist of suitable abundant science and technology part of young people, the head of the River told hunting cloud network, the product positioning is “public platform based on the content and content of exchange” want people to share their idle items for communication.

the share motion in which the role of is a platform and the platform will not involve trading links. Only support free sharing and transfer of the item.

River told hunting cloud network, users can easily handle their own motion in the sharing of idle items and apply for idle items, and all share and apply for items for free. Suitable abundant sharing will not regularly with public welfare organizations, the user can directly to donate unused items to truly in need.

the biggest goal is to hope that through items share, let users can build social relationships between, find more friends, to build their own share.

in the application, suitable abundant sharing credit mechanism is introduced, if a malicious user to share or malicious application report, gets a report as soon as we are permanent titles. It also introduces share beans. Description for the user in the application of participation, the more the more you will get the corresponding share of beans, this share beans can be in the corresponding motion service, express delivery free of charge, for example, discount, etc. Mail items choice between the users at the same time they do not interfere. Use along abundant express fee they can choose whether or not each other by each other.

mobile terminal, the launch of motion suitable abundant speed luck have solved the problem of delivery the last kilometer. Mobile terminal and there are two new products at the same time, a suitable abundant sharing: share idle items, one is with things: act as purchasing agency application class. So, in addition to its own motion express business, also on the mobile end in the long tail around the Courier do exploration direction. Few domestic express delivery company do this layout, for attempts to motion, personal emotions here must show: motion is the most Internet thinking a Courier company.

along abundant share
Company: suitable abundant speed luck group

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