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shanda games to complete the sale of a controlling stake” . Last year, a little sigh with emotion, a former colleague circle in the talk, if the price is right, the elder brother of the bridge can also sell shanda games, to this day has finally come true, shanda has completely changed. After so many years, also always someone asked about the past, he decided, while this time, please write down this article. Said before to write debate about Uber delay issue.

in recent years, people ask me about shanda innovation institute, it is hard to understand, once brought together so many aura, why all of a sudden. The problem discussed in different places have different, conclusion also vary. Now can be found online, I don’t agree with you. I still remember, 2010 ChiJianJiang on twitter to ask me, what do you think I have a job could meet your interest and expectations? I answered yes, innovation institute is now. Until today, I still think innovation once gave us the best office conditions, also brought together the best people. For big, of course, I also have a lot of unsatisfactory, but overall, more grateful than discontent.

in 2006, Tinyfool business together, and I opened a company to do on-site search service, in the words of a fashionable, should be called search cloud. It’s a pity that at that time, the word cloud not so smart, so we live very difficult. After the 2009 financial crisis, financing becomes increasingly difficult, at a time when the Internet controls activity caused a large number of small and medium sized Internet companies fail again, many of them are our customers, and the cost of search is a high consumption of industry (actually all cloud before reach a certain size, are high consumption). Sentence explain state at that time, is that our client a a fall, but our cost is difficult to cut, then obviously we, too, how long have not resistance.


in the second half of 2009 met big innovation institute vice President guo. Grand courtyard, has just set up innovation was hiring around, looking around team with guo Xu Shiwei project, for the first time we met in Beijing, talked morning, feels good. After a few months I’m totally tired of that kind of life, Beijing decided to move to Shanghai. To Shanghai after guo technology innovation school invited me to attend, attended a few times, feel is good, people’s ideas and technical level is high. I also had some interest more and more.

after the team the whole innovative school this option come up again. We consider the ChengDaYou across a variety of media content, also have enough large number of users, on this foundation using the search string together all resources, should be a good service. Finally we finally settled on a scheme, we team willing to Shanghai, come and join the innovation, continue to do our search project.

around March 2010, I officially grand. During that time, the innovation development quickly. We do search, old xu do store and CDN (Xu Shiwei) team, Dr 29 teams to do language study, the infrastructure development, there are a lot of other teams do a variety of applications. Many teams should be based on similar way to join with us, when innovative school prefer the ability of the team, trying to provide a similar incubator environment for rapid development team, and other large hatch inside the company or innovation, innovation is completely from the external reference group, is in the middle of the department of company innovation and accelerator model, this model no one did before.

feeling is very good in the whole of 2010. If the project results, progress in 2010 is also good, although there are some support other department’s work team effort, but on the whole, basic can complete the expected project project. Another line, talent introduction is very successful. I also remember that pan aimin teacher to join more surprises. Never seemed to a company with a floor in the master so much technology.

that a period of time, almost all problems can be found at any time for advice. Pan, the operating system can ask, voice recognition can ask Dr Wong, c + + written any problems stand up you can ask old xu, mathematics to ask Jin Yin, front end ask royal ShiJun and Cheng Shaofei… That’s my job, the most close to the entire state college days. Concentrate on doing their own things, every day meet with problems within 10 meters can consult experts, if you want to good to be true, also can pull people drink tea chat at any time, in addition to technical don’t need to consider other things too. Simple and happy life. Even one day I talk to Joe said west, feel now working condition is good, I consider to stay for at least 5 years in Shanghai, to participate in several big projects.

our search project progress during that time is also very good, we still keep before startup time mode of small team, is still the main code and I Yu Sheng both in writing, for temporarily lost the startup time before sales and customer service, we were able to focus on the kernel. During that time, our goal is to expand the scale of the index and speed can complete a real-time kernel index and search, and can be convenient parallel extension, namely increasing indexes by machine. Different teams using different tactics, some team efforts to expand, some team engaged in cooperation. From the results later, because we always keep a smaller scale, is restricted by the interference and is smaller than others, eventually in the technical point of view, of the completion of the project is good – this is another story.

system and management

maintained the flat management innovation school at that time, we have a problem directly to find dean guo or 2 habib gb, guo at that time to respond to more than 900 e-mails a day, not dealing with a variety of other affairs, very hard. The flat management is suitable for project innovation, the team close to independent startups, can save a lot of burden himself the administrative problems. At that time the system is either team with project (molding or idea) to join, or internal staff put forward their own project establishment, through the planning department will review the voting, by can do, seemingly faster pace of angel investment. Less clear quantitative resource itself, only if it is to get the angel investment, it is clear a sum of money, the team will know their own consumption rate, when to die. But this kind of mode, the total investment and consumption is not clear for resources. For the man who has experience well, with no experience of people is very easy to ignore the investment scale and the relationship between the output, this is a potential problem.

planning commission will not original innovation court system, shanda group internal existed before for many years, discussed the existing key project schedule, the new project review vote, discusses some internal affairs, and so on, is usually a great year and guo, open once a week. Many programs, voting project through this meeting, there are also some external voted for investment. At the planning department will compare the average, age and background is also very diverse, often opinion will be sharp, discussion is also fierce.

the company management, innovation and with big game type management. This is a innovative management style, staff levels and pay is according to experience, can do all kinds of things to change experience. Experience value is equal to the level, the level is equal to the salary.

I to assess, flat management is a good system, system of development planning commission will be good, mixed game type management. Administrative system and continue to use big group, it is not good to system of administrative management in a variety of local damage rhythm and speed, although the impact is not the little things.

innovation is the main management of the annual and guo. They two I like it very much, also very admire. I always think that they are the best management is tie-in, vision ambitions and meticulous efforts.

annual in the spirit of innovation, vision, taste, openness, and on the understanding of the technology is what I have experienced the best boss, he has a good sense of humor, you feel no pressure. General planning department meeting, he will let others speak, finally, opinions, I watched many times a vote, a vote after usually make a decision according to everybody’s opinion, not annual. In my memory only once he used the authority, is going to do in the grand own OS, only support HTML 5 or compatible with Flash, he said tough must be compatible with the Flash. This is considered grand existing resources and make the decision, so this time I also very understand authority. Year is a very interesting man, have a holiday back, he said the vacation was ill, didn’t go out, have been at home play the game of a simulated business game company (as if it is called game development path), a game company called grand empire has been built in the inside, inside the game hall got all grade prize is stop.

all aspects, I am very admire the annual are. Remember Tinyfool project iOS e-reader project, do not know the man sitting is annual. Annual relatively sharp opinions, Tinyfool answer when the rise of a finally said, pointing to New Year, “said those wear new shoes, this kind of person is you.” At that time the entire hall was silent…… May everyone meet someone for the first time such a boss face to face. Annual sitting in the audience as if nothing happened, the final project vote passed, annual also specifically told Tinyfool don’t be angry after the meeting, our style is sharp opinions, your answer is good.

guo is the person who I have seen the most work hard, there is almost no work all the time, he tube daily affairs of institute of innovation projects, all sorts of problems… Basically do not have what problem can’t find him. Early innovative school not so many people, he told everyone, communication between each other is very understanding. What place where he knew everyone excited, worry, what place needs to improve, are also trying to promote all kinds of things, to promote all kinds of cooperation. He and I talked about technology, talked about the project, also talk about some personal things, each time very much. No matter what, I haven’t seen him complain, even if again not impossible, he is also trying to do. Later innovation school people more and more, short-term from development to more than 500 people, more than 200 people and distribution in Beijing, Shanghai, guo even a busy can’t be too busy to come over. Guo is the kindest person I have ever met, most join is the man who is he talking to myself, I believe many people was most impressed by the kindness and sincerity of his innovation and join. The innovation school downsizing, guo is also the most sad people. He later as I said, “most people are I myself one by one, please, in the end I had to a one off them in person. “

it can be said that the innovation of hospital in the shortest possible time, brought together the industry level of the highest talent. This is a grand management mode of centralized advantage, later became a disadvantage.

I believe that for the system and the people, different people have different views, some employees will have opinions. But in my personal, no opinion. This is not a dozen circle field, absolutely true feelings. Innovation institute and big problems later, not on innovation itself, more not guo or annual. Even said that the problem is that big group, or the problem is that Mr Chen, I think is not fair. I am of the view below me.

innovation dilemma

David feng said a word, the effect is “all in-house innovation institutions will fail”. Now I quite agree with this view, it’s even willing to extend even further, change, “all the burden of the strategic goal of innovation will fail, both within and outside agencies”. Back to the innovation school this topic, let me to boil down the cause of the failure, a word I would say the anxiety caused by “vision”.

whether Chen or 2 habib gb, is rare with strong vision industry leader. Liu Ren ever released around 2005 interview recordings, Chen tianqiao recording, Chen said, “big rivals, from now still can’t see the place. “The big guy at that time, Chen has just become China’s richest man, tencent has just listed six months, the user just over one hundred million, far from giant. Chen has been thinking about the future. It’s a pity that a few years back, tencent, netease more than once the first big step by step, into an online game to the first and second respectively, shanda squeezed into the third. Chen tianqiao concerns come true in the end.

no grand in the social product was close to, and no flow entrance, this is huge, the portal to the early sources by controlling the Internet cafe is by age gradually collapse. Grand from 2005 began to consider the layout of the distant problem, hoping to grab an entry, both in the hope that the online game users into a social chat “circle”, or hope to occupy the big box of the sitting room, based on the copyright of Disney dream big, try to counter this trend, these attempts are true, circle if life better, no YY. Establishment of innovation, in my opinion is the extension of this approach, we choose team to join at that time, also have this consideration, namely the backward side temporarily, the entrance of the flow will have greater incentive to support try to innovation. Grand to this trend than who all know, the group all efforts around here, the vision impact of anxiety on all project, innovation is the product of this dilemma, finally also influenced by this kind of trouble.

in the second half of 2010 mobile began to rapid growth, the move pages and market share began to fall, innovation as the biggest talent magnet nature escapes. In early 2011, shanda innovation become no longer is the independent project orientation, but began to close group business direction. Specific performance is to set up cloud computing, multimedia, voice, search the four branch, in the past more flat project management a new layer. The original project was distributed to each branch again. From innovation institute was founded, the debate over whether it is innovation institutions or research institutes have been exist, although before also burden has been part of the research and development function, but innovation and its main properties. Or change a perspective, or r&d innovation depends on the team rather than the group, if a goal is to develop a project team, they can put their own localization development assessment index, if a project team set up the goal is innovation, and they are also free to set up assessment index of the products.

annual used to say that allows each project hold out until the last. The so-called insist in the end, is a loss to the other projects, the project team project manager is the only one in insist, would support him to continue working on it and it is very open strategy, but in 2011, it is difficult to do so. By 2011, the sorting is completed, divided into except a few do not belong to this project also freedom exists four plates, other projects have been reclassified into branch, researchers are also beginning to restructuring. Burdens from work group and other companies are also more and more, from this moment, in my opinion innovation school has become a thorough research and development institutions.

the same changes took place in a grand investment. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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