Shanda games shareholders behind change: $8 billion private equity fund is imminent

cloud network hunting on September 3rd message

shanda shanda sold its possession of most of the shares at the same time, an investment banking circles to hunt cloud network, shanda has already started to set up a is likely to be the largest private equity fund. As a GP, shanda will take out $1.5 billion, the fund raising scale up to 8 billion dollars. This fund size comparable to the people, think globally, in global PE ranking in the top spear.

in recent years, the grand through Internet in whole or in part to sell assets, including the sell stakes in shanda games, has nearly 20 billion yuan cash reserves. In Internet companies can come up with a $1.5 billion cash at once, the few. News from the inside of the grand, according to Chen had promised to make a grand transformation into investment holding group.

insiders say, Chen still not miss the opportunity of the Internet, just view Angle and the mentality change. In recent years, shanda has invested in secret life of mobile Internet services, finance, fitness, health and other fields will be che, ink weather, android market, splash and other sports. The Internet is also the focus of the private equity investment.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting has several LP to subscribe so far, including the development, the people’s livelihood, Volkswagen, zhangjiang hi-tech, tuv, etc. Specific to funds, however, that is still a mystery. May include will do listed domestic companies, will also include overseas listed companies “return” to the domestic capital market, realize the value maximization.

shanda announced today that the company this year on January 27, set up a consortium for privatisation in the overall restructuring. The financial holding company (received Finance Holdings), Shanghai buy-out funds (Shanghai Buyout Fund), boc flocking industry (Ningxia Zhongyincashmere International Group) and other domestic financial Group to join.

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