Shake the door: hand play O2O, a wave that is to get free goods

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it is well known that the Internet is the future trend of economic development, the traditional industry the Internet has become an inevitable trend. But the majority of Internet products, users need to have more experience in industry or spend a lot of time to study or operation, use cost is very high; There is no characteristics and marketing and promotion way highly homogenized. Therefore, there is no industry background of traditional industry operators, don’t know where to start to do it.

recently launched a called “shake shake to open the door” App is appended to the in such background. Shake the door position is mobile promotional marketing platform, choice layout tour combination of O2O business forms, hand to do not change business behavior to traditional enterprises under the condition of the Internet, with simple and easy to operate low-cost way to merchant promotion enterprise.

why has this entrepreneurial ideas, but also the founder of min. Wang Minceng serial entrepreneur, experienced all kinds of accident and the accident in the process of entrepreneurship, a former chongqing sharing network, chengdu le hk home network, guangzhou han figure biotechnology network chief operating officer, has held various media special marketing experts and consultants. And “shake the door” is in his own life experiences constantly refining of trial and error.

why mobile game combines O2O business form? In min wang’s view, business development to the present, too much commercial form highly homogenized. People thirst for differentiation and unusual things to meet the needs of their fatigue. According to the data shows, the more the things of differentiation, novel, a concern, the more able to use the shortest time and get benefits. Such as millet, OPPO, VIVO.

at the same time, in the mobile Internet era, information is more and more transparent, spread more and more quickly, combined with mobile interactive games do have differentiated products, are more likely to spread and the forming effect, the product conforms to the mobile Internet “simple rapid perfection” product characteristics.

in fact, open the door of the logic is simple. First, open the door to the merchant’s promotional information into the database. Users using the App “shake”, can be one hundred percent won the prize. Can be a nearby hotel cash vouchers, can also be a jingdong mall shopping volume of 100 yuan, also can be a free car. The user if the prizes are not satisfied, we can also change a, switch to satisfaction.

from the experience of the cloud network, hunting found some interesting game. Collected, for example, can call upon the dragon play the 7 dragon balls (long), 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 shake the door will be implanted in the background of images, is 100% free, different people collect these seven number, can call a offline activities, or organize a countryman party, etc.; Single card or the love card, such as a user to a single number can be and wave to the double number of exchange designated a free lunch or two movie tickets.

the whole, shake the door original mobile game by O2O form of mobile Internet business. For promotion as the breakthrough point, use mobile game product design concept to do mobile O2O, with interactive forms of marketing for merchants to provide accurate, user level growth and can enjoy more preferential merchant and platform provide gifts, so as to realize the business of customers, merchants, platform, complete ecological cycle.

in addition, open up the layout of the profit model is clever. After users shake, if feel prizes are not satisfied, also can pay 0.2 yuan to continue shaking. The current default each user can only change five times a day award, two yuan each time, is also one yuan. Suppose we have ten million people, 1% of people are not satisfied with the prize or try holding the mentality in the play, the income of each month is: 100000 * 1 * 30=3 million, and this is part of the income as long as there is the user can generate, is the main source of income of the project; Annual fee some advertising and business cooperation. According to the min, the door has already started to generate revenue.

at present, with little shake of open mode is exactly the same, similar like tintin, pudding is favorable, shake free and take the honey, the common fault of the products is too complex, product users to use the high cost. And open the door to lightweight pattern cut into the market, it is a commercial closed-loop ecological system, such as apple. Under the guidance of products, customers and merchants will upgrade to grow like a game; Second, shake the door operation is focused on “fun”. Through fun setting, let the user does not shake to determine their or change to a single appointment card or a computer, the whole process is full of uncertainty, let users play not greasy.

at this stage, open the door to lingang town to do a small scale pilot, in the absence of marketing, App has more than 10000 downloads (only android, Ios also in audit), shake the door began to butt joint investment institutions, are making the next step of financing planning. When it comes to the layout of the shake to open the door to the future, ma y convective cloud network said, “within the next year or two, to open the door to cover at least more than 10 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government’s large and medium-sized institutions, from the crowded places began to spread, and the ultimate goal is to shake the door into a” fun “App nationwide universities and middle schools, make O2O promotion platform online closed-loop, thus forming a system of the business cycle.”

shake the door
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