Shake handshandle net “liberation”, she will blow tricell group

for yesterday talk between networks tricell group will take a stake in group-buying shake handshandle nets, confirmed by many news, the two sides is currently in the final negotiations, and signed a part of the agreement. It is unclear whether the specific price. After listing failed, executives continued turmoil, shake handshandle nets can committed to traditional big enterprise is not a relief, investors.

the latest information shows, tricell group will flange shake handshandle net shareholder Beijing investment holdings co. At present, the shake handshandle net before the two large controlling shareholder is Beijing investment and GSR ventures, respectively. And Beijing investment to handle the third round of funding led, actual controllers for the company. After the transactions, tricell group will in shake handshandle nets absolutely holding status.

tricell group spokesman, vice President of paper compares zouyan in an interview with tencent technology media confirmed the news, but did not disclose the final transaction completion time and amount.

it is reported, along with the time trading capital level, shake handshandle net also make adjustments on the management. By investors li-ping qiu concurrently hold the position of CEO, the exemption, CEO of promotion to vice chairman and chief strategy officer.

the data shows, tricell group owns several companies, involving financial, chain, health, property, information services and other fields, at the same time, tricell group controls the future tech center, nanjing new balance, mecoxlane, Jin Pengyuan kang and other many listed companies, as well as lepads were made, the music language communication, future, future property, guangzhou jinpeng Rolling Stones, business network, the British House of Fraser, key enterprises both at home and abroad, such as the United States Brookstone, Israel Natali subsidiary wholly owned and holding companies more than 100. In 2014 China top 500 private enterprises, tricell group with 65.46 billion yuan of total revenue in the 27th.

according to the signed agreement, tricell group will combine the advantage of shake handshandle net, put forward the “heaven underground, offline pull up, pull customers, beer and skittles commodity supply chain, group purchase custom” of the “five” synergy mode, intentions will shake handshandle net of online resources and rich resources of offline entity combining tricell group, in group-buying business on the basis of sustainable development, and create the biggest O2O electric business platform.

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