Shake handshandle founder wu: engaged in tears from O2O concluded three lessons

note: wu as a representative of domestic serial entrepreneurs, good at keenly capture new opportunities. Date. He’s at a meeting about the experience of doing O2O, and share the tears from doing O2O industry business rules and lessons. The following for full text:

I want to tell O2O business under the law.

first, O2O the tuyere has only just begun.

we are now seeing O2O services, are relative high frequency, small amount of every single service. For example, the aunt help cleaning, 10 dollars an hour, if the poor aunt, change a next time. Drops a taxi, the driver doesn’t work, I change another one. Ye beaver family, nails didn’t draw well, change a repaint again.

however, the real core of O2O is to use the mobile Internet, methods, techniques, and thinking more and more deeply changes the traditional concept.

O2O core is sharing economy, P2P economy. The so-called P2P economy is to remove all intermediate link, only do provide service and enjoy the service.

, for example, a senior auto repair experts and business at the same time, after a 90 which is a better chance at success. Why is that? The two men thought completely different. A car repair shop, and after 90 have to do is simple repair, or directly do home services, this form may not now, but if the brand to a certain height, that is not the same.

customer pay, technicians have how many money, in my spare time to do other, still can make a lot of money. Senior auto repair experts, however, he have a series of things, such as promoting the brand, the promotion of stores. His own a lot of resources, such as 4 s shop, car beauty, customer came to this platform, a series of business to do.

in the long run, three years later, it must be 90 after success. Why is that? Because after too many links in the middle of the second model, there are too many factors control.

, for example, if you use another service, the brand is yours, the somebody else will take the user to find a way to pull at his service. Also, the user can pay $200, 100 dollars for yourself, you 100 bucks to do service boss.

if the price war, the user will produce only 100 yuan, you’re out the so-called platform. Is the root cause of this failure model is wrong, the P2P model of two corresponding P P is not final.

second, in the process of entrepreneurship has three different directions, you should choose to.

1. The high frequency of business can win low-frequency times. , for example, the aunt help cleaning is of high frequency, and repair the air conditioning is low frequency time. Aunt help to air conditioning service to the customers with more easily, the aunt said: your home air conditioning is too dirty, help you to clear up? So you can into the air conditioning service. On the other hand, the chances of success are low. High frequency and low frequency if two competition, outcome is obvious.

2. The high value can with a low value, and vice is not established. I have a colleague, do the real estate coffee shop on a very tall, people want to drink coffee is doing real estate business.

results to his coffee a house did not clinch a deal. He beside village has opened a laundry, put a lot of laundry discount coupons in the coffee shop, the results to the cleaner’s people much more special.

so, rely on coffee consumption to take property transactions is not easy, but to rely on a little bit on the tall consumption to drive some low-end consumer, is relatively easy.

again, for example, to give you an outfit cabinet, to introduce you to put all of your home decorating a down, the success rate is low, and do for your home decoration, introduced a higher success rate of the cabinet, it is the same reason.

3. To pay more attention to the user of the younger generation. for the most obvious example, is 90 after 80 after the first, and then after 70, according to the order. Our generation are all use MSN, but after five years, the QQ, MSN now. Most of the mobile Internet user group is after 90.

look from this point, the aunt help do well. They don’t do monthly nanny, monthly nannies are tall, people want to, but after 90 children, male, a bunch of IT home really is too dirty, and too lazy don’t want to clean, well, that an aunt, please give me an hour to clean IT. This help the child is now to think of it, today suddenly free, hurriedly about, to immediately.

the aunt help is on the temporary, temporary to the crowd, the market is up. Separately, in contrast, instead of doing the monthly is not successful.

as I have said are the three things I do O2O since 2009 lesson of flesh and blood, are delivered up to pay tuition. Is summed up to share with everyone, hope everyone in the business can go these detours less as far as possible.

one more thing, is also a particularly cattle people speak a word in silicon valley, the view is very consistent with me: the Internet is the core of disintermediation, the information more transparent. O2O platform to be truly successful, from the start, don’t expect to make money on it. Drops a taxi in fact don’t earn money, also provide; The aunt help is good, not corresponded, but also is not to earn money, Beaver home nail art is not to earn money.

platform don’t accept money reason is very simple, the aunt earning $10 an hour, the platform to collect her five hair moneys. , the final result of your platform to make the five hair moneys, there must be another man said I just earn 1, out of the third person, said I not a cent. So do you want to earn money from her, especially difficult.

but where can earn money, must not be in circulation and the information match link, but you will be able to produce the value chain. I think the aunt help is very smart, what do you want to be behind it? What do you want to be a centralized dry cleaners.

so many dry cleaners, machine idle again, make it a factory. So it can dry cleaners revolutionization, give it to improve efficiency, if it really give users create value, that it is possible to earn money. The core is to create value, but also produce fast enough, for long enough time.

I’m going to give a few examples, we can easily understand. Apple’s philosophy is to experience, mobile phone is there should be a Internet user experience. If you want to realize this idea, we’re going to give it a traditional hardware.

this value is reflected in the object, is apple mobile phones. To do so now you understand why the millet mobile phone, cell phone, because it does not do beautiful Miui value is not to come out.

this is actually said another aspect of the O2O: to the quality of your service, service brand and service concept of hardware, the hardware change, you will be able to realize the value of it.

platforms to achieve profits, you have to have some additional value, is carving the ye speak “wool in pigs”. , in fact, the core is to create value services to users, grafting on you this huge flow of platform, thus to realize the value.

third, also is very important, think about your company doing?

single product that era is over. Everybody wouldn’t do DVD player before, this is a 1997, 1998, manata, shinco without any capital. At that time a lot of pirated VCD discs, TV programs are not good, everybody likes watching DVDS.

so when you as long as you can with 1000 pieces of cost saving, VCD machine can sell 4000 pieces, and then also no big company, is a big truck to sell into the family compound and soon sold out. They basically a month can earn round, is saving up to buy parts round a month. The earliest manata, new wealth is accumulated so much. At the time called product economy, but that era would have in the past.

now Internet companies, is actually doing the founder of the research and development, create new products and services. As a “machine” includes you, your employees, your several deputy, there are a bunch of software.

what is the purpose of the “machine”? For example, the aunt help, is to be able to continue to make these aunt cleaning, clean the more clean. Aunt help is a founder of the engineer, a technician, he often goes to cleaning with aunt, many details are all his research.

he take what kind of the knife can cut more clean the floor, what kind of steel ball can brush a bowl brush very clean, and do not put the bowl is broken.

founder to have such a mechanism: people + technology + platform, allows you to service constantly improve, constantly, so business is not a point, it is a long process. Once you have the “machine” to create excellent service, efficiency is higher than others, we will be able to win.

in this “machine”, the founder, want to have a great effect are generally accounted for more than 50%. This, we also want to admire jobs, when he left apple’s “machine” or the efficiency is very high. When the CEO and Microsoft, Bill Gates, invincible, no company can beat him. Why the last Microsoft beat Google?

it is Bill Gates found that solve the problem of the computer is not so important for human beings, to solve some problems is more important. So, gates to do charity, Microsoft wouldn’t work. In the “machine” of Microsoft, Bill Gates accounted for a large role.

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