Seven cloud entrepreneurship hermas, power change traditional business operation

every day, there will be new products and services, and dramatically change the way product development and management mode of IT companies. Innovation is everywhere, nordhal s, but always attractive.

hunting cloud network editor gentleman seeks the welfare for everyone, in this send you carefully selected seven startup enterprise cloud service, help you look at the rapid blueprint of innovation, speed up the pace of innovation, and then beat the competition, promotion of high quality customer service. The seven companies are faced with the challenge of business operation together, and at the same time to create a new era of IT lay the foundation.


ElasticBox provide IT as a service solutions, for research and development of IT and the team cooperation platform, so as to promote their building, management, deployment of application to the cloud. Also act as reduce friction lubricant, in general, the IT department hope to slow down the development speed, to ensure that the product stability; Research and development team wants to speed up and constant innovation. ElasticBox is gradually will enterprise vitality into more efficient work force, and to show the enterprise is more diverse characteristics. Through this platform, giving companies choose cloud computing more elastic space, is not only to lock a cloud provider, also need not not rely on the deployment of the application of a certain way.

predictably, 2015 as ElasticBox expanding scope of platform, will attract more people’s attention. ElasticBox will be how to build new features, provide more unique innovative solutions, in order to solve the IT department and r&d teams long-standing “pain points”? Let’s wait and see!


Zimperium protect mobile devices, from virus interference. In fact, a lot of players in the field of mobile security is infatuated with a mobile device management (MDM), such as common “Find My iPhone” application, this led to a real lack of excellent enterprise mobile security applications. Zimperium, has found a way to solve the staff no matter where, can fully protect the safety of enterprise mobile devices. However, once they are illegal use, will become the enterprise network security and protection of intellectual property rights of a big hole.

MDM is imperfect for some forward-looking organization left a broad space for development, Zimperium is one of them, will be more dramatic in 2015. With MDM slowly die, one door will soon realize that installing security applications on mobile devices, like a fetter. This will trigger a consideration of the static data and data transmission security, and how to support strong authentication methods and widely deployed app store.


startups and small and medium-sized enterprise is the use of new tools, to prove to have more resources, more mature. ZenPayroll provide cloud salary management services for small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), greatly simplify the salary management mode. ZenPayroll will automatically calculate the individual income tax, payroll, and directly into the bank account, is very beneficial to have no fixed office space company salary management.

as a result, as the wave of software as a service continue to impact the traditional application developers such as SAP, oracle, ZenPayroll will shine brilliantly in 2015. ZenPayroll is coordinated other human resource management in the field of emerging enterprises, gradually break the traditional year upgrade cycle, ongoing price adjustment, even after the signing of the contract can be revised price, and because of other factors, cause IT is behind schedule and over budget.


the OneLogin cloud-based applications, to provide single sign-on and identity authentication management system, thereby reducing the enterprise facing the problem of dynamic user management and mass account login cross-platform, no longer need long integrated configuration items, manual configuration of resources, and save the multifarious landing process, the user name and password reset, and because IT policy changes and other digital identity problems caused by too much.

as the network security has become increasingly blurred border, the cloud technology makes positioning is becoming increasingly difficult, there will be service providers such as Active Directory and LDAP authentication system migration to private or hosting in the cloud. OneLogin is undoubtedly identity authentication supplier of choice for many the clouds, and those who truly realize the password authentication defects of supplier, will be a more powerful authentication system.


based on the application of the cloud, its underlying infrastructure is very complex. Usually, there are many moving parts across several servers and databases. This complexity has led to the friction between the research and development team and operation team, the former need to write new code, while the latter need to characterize some component, in case of a system crash. A powerful Conjur is convenient to manage who have permission to write any code, for example, a research and development personnel in the development environment not accident involvement in active code. At the same time, Conjur can also be set for specific code snippet allowed range.

in 2015 and in the future, the use of cloud computing is the trend of the industry. This means that there will be more and more people need effective tools to manage complex cloud applications, as a result, there will be more like Conjur company appear, bring industry specifications for the system.


Illumio mainly rely on cloud computing software provides new methods of protection of enterprise, this method is more decentralized, rather than the traditional firewalls, everywhere “lock gate” corporate network method. Both in the cloud and in the bare, Illumio can protect personal computing load transfer to the appropriate server, its security is not affected by the underlying infrastructure.

this year due to user retailers and enterprise software vendors are huge impact, enterprise network security has become a hot topic in 2014. At the same time, enterprises gradually realized that their own lack of different level, to protect the network security, from interference. Can be predicted in 2015, therefore, more and more enterprises to adopt like Illumi sample security tools, to repair the dangerous security vulnerabilities. Illumi this year before the release, has raised $42.5 million from various channels and making headlines, believe Illumi will again in the coming year.


RelateIQ mainly for unstructured data research, through the analysis of the real-time email, social networks and unstructured data, such as calendar to automatically complete the sales link most of the work. In this way, can save manual data input link to track sales leads, at the same time improve the insights into the business relationship. Similar RelatelQ unstructured data company, it is through various means of analysis of numerous and complicated unstructured data, come to the conclusion that is conducive to business interests, and blend in the work process. In these cases, it is in view of the sales link unstructured data analysis.

this summer, the sales team has adopted RelateIQ system, points out that this product has a broad market. In 2015, in addition to Propeller CRM and Insightly, what are the fine CRM also will appear?

nowadays, the market demand for the cloud technology is strong. Once seems unfathomable, unthinkable five years ago, now have become a reality. For the future, anything is possible. Research and development personnel and the IT staff are working hard to change the world. Let us witness, 2015 annual meeting of surprise!



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