Set up a 100 million angel fund focus Jiang invited xue barbarian when judges

hunting cloud network news on October 20,

one more entrepreneurs looking for investment channels, hunting cloud network that focus media founder jiang announced points paired set angel fund of 100 million yuan, jiang said xue is going to invite the barbarian, etc. As a project of the judges.

Jason jiang in their own circle of friends first announced the news, Mr. Jiang wrote “don’t make money, just want to fun, don’t give the option, points, you usually focus to invest one hundred million to do an angel, looking for on mobile Internet entrepreneurs. No purpose, just to focus users have screamed, nothing, just let focus users have an orgasm. Project the five judges invited xue savages, warp/weft zhang ying, qing Gavin ni, bearded Wu Ying, ficus altissima capital chang.”

this is not the first time the jiang in capital investment, in the business process of the past, jiang repeatedly to participate in the investment enterprises.

according to hunt cloud network incomplete statistics, in 2007, jiang invested in huayi brothers. In 2009, jiang invested 30 million yuan, have a wash feet “room” of chongqing for more than 10% of the shares. This house rich health industry co., LTD is a enterprise of chongqing, the main business for the foot bath town. 2009 jiang investment as an individual the end of the world community. In addition, the east net wealth, patriotic bin jiang has involved in resistance.

set up angel fund for jiang, entrepreneurs convective cloud network, said jiang conception is very good, but the angel investment stake is in commonly 15%, focus to half of equity is worth discussing.

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