Service: Microsoft announced that Windows customised version Docker

under a cloud of big events seem to be a matter of Windows. But Microsoft said: no!

pursuit as part of the frontier of science and technology, Microsoft announced they are the development of the technology support Docker the new Windows, the technology was originally for Linux, after it is engaged in large-scale network service company and all the rage among engineers, finally to define the new technology of the world.

to build a modern network services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and large financial institutions in the services, and other traditional business, often had to run on hundreds of thousands of the server software, but the Docker provides a more convenient and effective way. Docker as a container for the digital universe, it can be neatly packaged software for you, as a result, the software can free transfer between machines, and made it more on each machine running. Google has with similar technology, build the biggest online empire.

now, many companies are trying to use Docker technology, and this kind of company claims more than 14000 applications are using the technology. Google company is trying to ensure Docker can perfectly on its public cloud computing service platform, at the same time, external company and engineers can rent the virtual machine directly on the platform, in order to run their own software. From the amazon, too, to Digital Ocean cloud computing, such as organization, is also the related things.

it seems to many people, Docker already represent the future of software engineering, but it would be a little bad for Microsoft. As you can see, in numerous Internet giant, open source Linux system has used the Docker technology, Windows is in the shade.

in order to be able to catch up with the pace, Microsoft must be equipped with a technology similar to that of the Docker on Windows. Microsoft vice President Jason Mr Zander told wired magazine, the company will provide a new generation of “new container” Windows configuration, in order to run the world data center network services.

Docker is based on the Linux cgroup technology creation and become, cgroup is essentially a strict machine resources distribution of the specific software technology; And, according to Mr Zander Microsoft on a special edition of Windows, use class cgroup technology for network operation service for a period of time. And he said, now the company is committed to research and development includes the technology of commercial version of Windows. Within Microsoft “in fact, in the past, we already have the technology, and is only used internally,” says Mr Zander, “now it is time to bring it into Windows server.”

Microsoft released a research report, describes in detail a technique similar to the cgroup Drawbridge, but seems to imply that Mr Zander, Microsoft will bring a completely different to Windows server container.

like Mr Zander’s instructions, the emergence of the technology in a large number of machines running software more convenient, as Docker to Linux. Run on Windows, of course, container and run on Linux or different. According to Docker driving force of the project, as well as the project start-up company’s CTO Solomon Hykes Mr Said, this mean you can’t realize the Docker container transfer between Windows and Linux, and vice versa.

however, run on Windows container and running on Linux USES the same interface. This suggests that you can use the same core software, at the same time operating building on Linux and Windows of the container, so the way create applications for Windows and Linux is more like. “And the Docker community is everything you need for the application development and test, to build a complete ecosystem,” says Mr Hykes, “basically, Microsoft is trying to make all of the transaction will be implemented on Windows.”

is responsible for the Pivotal regulatory Windows (cloud computing) transaction Mark Kropf believe that it will be a cross for Microsoft. He claimed that many customers are Pivotal requires the use of containers based on Windows. “Linux container make application to create more cheap and simple”, he said, “so now the pressure for Windows.” On cloud computing efforts, now simulate the containers can run on Windows, which included the Pivotal; But really need a can provide container Windows itself.

however, Kropf points out, Microsoft is now far behind Linux, and the new Windows have a long way to go. He said, “Docker execute applications on Windows, the next few years could not achieve.”

in fact, Microsoft has lagged behind rivals in many ways, such as Linux scored the most large network service, at the same time many cloud services are Linux oriented; But Microsoft is planning to make up lost ground. Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology has been able to run Linux and Docker container, but the next plan is to add Windows own container. In the past, this is not a Microsoft style. In terms of traditional, Microsoft is not willing to hand in good and Linux. But now, is imperative.

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