Sense to add a comment layer: the real world everyone into a “know-it-all”

cloud network hunting note: after release Taggar, Tag Me two application shows the concept “augmented reality”, after the UK startup Neurence and launch platform for a long time, create a object recognition ability of machine learning cloud platform. Hope that in the current rapid development of wearable devices and the Internet of things, with the popularity of computing devices, could lead to new wave in the next generation of search queries.

Neurence this platform named “Sense”, in order to improve the penetration rate and the number of users, without the platform open to interested developers free use, the user through the software development kit (SDK) can be easily accessed. The company through this way, expand the more users, “crowdsourcing” mode to realize the “all” the element, which is one of an internal development requirement of Sense platform. Then, the user is encouraged to add object database independent, thus enrich the Sense platform and improve the practicality and relevance.

Sense platform for all objects “tag”

at the beginning of the launch, Sense of platform database was already contains “thousands” can identify the object. However, according to investors Neurence company, science and technology venture Capital fund Invoke Dr Mike Lynch, the founder of the Capital, Sense platform to identify as many as 5 million kinds of objects. Some can identify objects, such as books, has been batch by fetching network data set is added to Sense database platform. But it is not enough, if you want to achieve Neurence companies expect Sense platform penetration, also need more people to join to enrich the database data.

Neurence company also want to follow the example of wikipedia crowdsourcing model, hope to have enough Sense platform for users to tens of thousands of objects in the real life. In this way, can be in the next five years or more, make Neurence company founder of iot domain information relevance.

when interviewed Dr Mike Lynch said: “the point is that there are augmented reality wearable devices, through the Sense platform can have both visual Sense and listening, both to help the user to obtain complete lenovo information. The result is that, the use of Sense platform anyone can become a ‘know-it-all’, and no longer need the previous program command. This also and wikipedia search query function, users need to edit upload object properties to the engine of cloud, and then share to everyone, using Sense platform wearable devices’ eye can know all things. At the same time, the Sense information platform database can edit, can also be used, and open for all users of the system.”

Mike Lynch

due to the same object, for different people, different groups and different cultures have different meanings, so the company set up the Sense of Neurence platform provides users with object information editing features, is very wise. Users can upload pictures, audio files, and algorithms to Sense the platform, their understanding of the real world objects for digital tag.

Sense platform works, by connecting device of a camera and microphone (the first) input function, the sensory data into the probability vector, engine and transmission to the cloud data processing, so as to analyze the user can see or hear what information related to the object. Sense, therefore, the platform is not a real visual, auditory or uploaded to the cloud computing platform, data transmission and avoided as a result of the data transmission speed is slow.

then Sense platform can begin to object recognition, will be in the real world objects and types in the database matching can identify objects including logo, books and paintings, etc. And almost real-time identification, depends on the use of hardware performance.

however, the above mentioned is the basic function of Sense. Recognition is just beginning, Sense platform will then start the user tracking function, this has to do with the computer’s desktop search in return results to join the network is very similar to the crawler to get more information. Augmented reality of wearable equipment users, through the Sense platform can quickly obtain additional information related to their surrounding the object and content. These contents may be before the system or the developer has to add specific object matching information, may also be a Sense platform users edit custom information when you see this object.


involves how to provide different services to meet the needs of different users, and the development of the Sense of customization platform concept, Dr Mike Lynch said: “the meaning of the Sense platform is, enabling anyone to be developing an application or write a piece of code ‘programmers’, which means the user if you want to define an object, you must provide the source of the definition, at the same time, the system will give them priority. Predictably, this will inspire colorful subculture, has a different definition on things.”

lead the next generation of search query new wave

Neurence company co-founder of Charlotte Golunski suggests that if these sounds a bit out of line, even with mainstream applications and some subtle gap, the Sense of platform are in urgent need to solve problems is very simple. “We will Sense the platform as the next generation of search pattern, that is the reason why we use the search engine”, she says.

“for a long time, we are exploring the nature of things, want to learn more about interested in things, also want to explore the background knowledge of things. Sometimes walk in the street, I suddenly think of ‘what is this building? And how in the past? “; Or, when I was in foreign country, I want to know what I see foreign language sign is meaning. And all of this, with the advent of augmented reality technology of intelligent equipment dressing.”

Charlotte Golunski

Charlotte Golunski added: “I often curious about what he saw, and Sense the platform just provide a very quick access to information, don’t have to search out his phone and then a list of links. More human and this way, the feeling is like asking a friend along. This is what we want to solve the problem.”

Sense platform also have facial recognition technology, but at present mainly for object recognition, rather than face recognition. Automated real-time facial recognition technology, will inevitably lead to serious privacy issues, below will be detailed Sense platform, privacy protection.

by Sense after successful identification object, the user can launch a series of configuration, such as similar products through the online store, or watch a video, just like watching a movie can immediately see movie posters. Take these situations into reality, it is commercial Sense Neurence company saw platform model, the prospect of including joining relevant connection or promotional links. Of course, the current Sense platform is still in its infancy, it is too early to talk about the business income.

as mentioned above, the configuration actions can customize according to the needs and preferences of the user. Is augmented reality wearable devices, for example, the wearer got to the bus stop or train station, can automatically perceive and pull the real-time traffic information, so that users don’t have to open the application manual query.

the developer can decide how to use the Sense in the existing application and equipment platform, so the application will also be a kaleidoscope. Charlotte Golunski believes that in the early Sense platform using developers will focus on the shopping links and usage scenarios, such as real estate sales link can easily turn the house of the static pictures into a dynamic vitality.

Neurence company has embarked on cooperation with Google, try to Sense on the Google Glass application platform technology. Also, with samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch cooperation intention. At present, there have been six equipment dealer in cooperation with Neurence company, gradually will also have more vendors to join in.

the Galaxy Gear 2 smart watches after application Sense technology platform, let the user to be able to watch the camera pointing to an object, such as a book, once the system to identify objects, will appear at the top of the watch screen red dot. Users only need to click on the red dot part, can obtain the information of the object, to learn more about or to buy the same goods.

Google Glass technology, the application Sense platform to help users see towards an object access to relevant information, and push the information to the display of glasses. Then, through additional voice commands connect Google Glass and Sense platform, users can see objects by direct access to other relevant digital content.

although Neurence company has just set up last year, but the use of machine learning algorithms and the base of the technology, however, for a long time. Dr Neurence one of the company’s co-founder James Loxam, graduated from the university of Cambridge, his doctoral research topic is machine learning, then established Neurence company, trying to commercialise their research results. Since its founding, the company has obtained the Mike Lynch founded by Dr Invoke $4 million investment Capital, science and technology venture Capital fund, as it happens, Dr Mike Lynch is also a professional computer vision technology. Another Neurence company co-founder Charlotte Golunski, is the well-known enterprise software vendors former employees of Autonomy.

Dr Mike Lynch pointed out that the rapid development of computer vision and machine learning techniques, means that in the real life environment in recent years by leaps and bounds progress was made in the computer’s ability to identify objects. Like usage scenarios in a general Sense, the user according to the specific object of interest to command the camera is identified, also makes the work more easy. At the same time, more and more mobile devices equipped with multi-core processors, high quality, autofocus camera and image stabilization technology, and further speed up the development of this technology.

from the perspective of market demand analysis, given the wearable device has just started, and text input is still the mainstream of today’s mobile digital life, thus attracting more users change way to use the object recognition search platform, is still a long way to go.

however, Neurence company’s focus is on the spread of relevance. The emergence of wearable devices and related objects, will stimulate the user’s thirst for knowledge, more need a port to the real world around the search query, and no longer need to manually input. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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