Send speed rubik’s cube self-service delivery tank, let the last kilometer more efficient


express the last kilometer has been the Courier and the recipient headache thing on both sides. The home address not seek, to find and nobody at home, how to do? At home for a Courier, left and right out the door; Gunmen posing as Courier home, good afraid afraid! Based on the above issues produced a product, called send speed rubik’s cube self-service delivery tank.

this is a rubik’s cube called send speed information technology (Beijing) co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as “send speed rubik’s cube”. Founded in April 2006, early in the hardware design and software design and development, started to be put into use at the end of 2013. Is a smart community service provider, focusing on the development and operation of intelligent express service, relying on the Internet, mobile Internet and cloud computing technology, build a new pattern express industry chain ends.

Last year, according to

the national post office, the national express service enterprises above designated size volume of the total 9.19 billion pieces of size to the world, as of October 20, has reached 10 billion pieces of “nodes”. Such large express number, “the last kilometer” of all sorts of problems in the torture, the Courier company.

secondary distribution influence both Courier income, has increased the number of complaints. The recipient should always waiting for delivery notice, at the same time facing personal information leakage and express the risk of loss of damage. Frequent delivery, on the other hand, also has brought the recipient organization or community traffic safety hidden trouble, also can cause disorder, environmental damage, and personnel management difficult problem.

send speed the emergence of rubik’s cube self-help express ark has improved this problem, it is highly effective is omitted to find, waiting and repeatedly sent a time consumption, and 24 hours on standby, safe and convenient. Defect is a nationwide promotion use coverage is limited in the short term. Because involves the manufacturing cost, installation cost, service life, maintenance cost, temporarily unable to and traditional mode to compare which cost less. Let cloud network hunting with your details to the Courier.


send speed rubik’s cube “express ark”, shape is similar to pack ark. Products include the hardware part cabinet put oneself in another’s position, and intelligent computer operating system. Express mail size shape weight is differ, so, send speed rubik’s cube specially for that take the cabinet put oneself in another’s position of symmetrical design, middle is small, suitable for file, clothes, shoes, etc. The up and down, the greater the space, it has solved the big express storage problem.

send speed rubik’s cube self-developed self-service delivery management system, sending speed rubik’s cube front terminal interaction platform, platform operation control and express store two big functions, implement the sender and express Courier, physics and information interaction. Its back-end data service center, has a strong technical means and data processing capabilities, support the good interaction experience, improve logistics efficiency and safety.

self-service delivery tank placed authority, campus and community area convenient location, Courier will deposit express Courier ark, scan Courier sheet after enter the recipient phone number. Express chest intelligent system will automatically send to extract the password to the recipient, the recipient can be in your convenient time, thanks to extract the password self-service pick-up. And equipped with high-resolution panoramic monitoring and operation monitoring, implements the comprehensive security protection. The intelligent system will prompt the recipient on a regular basis, and an intelligent sending cabinet fails to take the parcel will be express company to retrieve.


at the end of 2013, the first test operation in colleges and universities, including the capital economic and trade flower bridge institute, Beijing jiaotong university, China institute of labor relations, etc. At present, the sending speed rubik’s cube in north China region and southwest has carried out extensive project points quickly, mainly concentrated in communities and schools to carry out the project, are systematically into more areas and cities. Have successful projects including: Beijing university of Chinese medicine is a typical case of colleges and universities, sunshine city of chongqing is the community case, ctrip is in Beijing office.

it is understood that in 2014 it plans to implement the national publication in 500, the cumulative processing express 100000, completed the establishment and all sizes between express logistics enterprise relations of cooperation. Hunting cloud network on its website found that the total number is approaching 2 million, significantly more than expected the yo.



express through agent, rubik’s cube for Courier company, electric business platform to provide convenient community one-stop service, greatly reduce the cost of related enterprise users in the community store layout, improve business efficiency. According to the urban area as the unit, then, does that mean send speed rubik’s cube to recruit a number of final delivery Courier, or integrating the existing various delivery person, unified the express mail delivery and the Courier to collect the sender. Whether what kind of cooperation mode, sending speed rubik’s cube have mastered the initiative, can achieve long-term development. Currently known rubik’s cube is sending speed and motion obtained the relations of cooperation, a “three links” and other express company may be in the coming negotiation.

Courier ark of convenience to people’s life, and the smart home, the starting point of the Internet of things is the same, make intelligent household is expanded to the concept of intelligent community. Sending speed is the starting point of rubik’s cube and express company and electric business platform for cooperation, does that mean every delivery have operation permissions, even the same take two express can be secondary to a cabinet. Future can even add a few targeted freezers ice house, need express in various preservation for the items.

wait to express ark throughout each village, and even individual buildings, it also can develop their own express business, because of the upfront costs widely, have hardware foundation, if make express business nature is better. Can even grasp the sender’s side, the sender can be placed to send something in express cupboard, Courier sent when the express mail to retrieve, express delivery business from the source.

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