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people living habits affect every aspect of life, life, study and work. And the more advanced the science and technology, our life habit but less health. Habitual long-term play with mobile phones, to stay up late, procrastination, sedentary, not exercising, irregular life, actually these unhealthy habits have great harm to our health. Accompanied by the emergence of the problem, there are always entrepreneurs solution, so, will there be innovative products to regulate our lives, stabilize our way of life?

seed habit is the application of a way to help people improve their living, by providing alarm clock to remind, data tracking tool to help users to develop good habits; At the same time, combined with the community to encourage, users continue to insist on power. “Whether you want to run, losing weight, learning a foreign language, and said good night every day and love the people, the seeds, to form good habits can help you with your change to influence more people”, the founder of Lu Songlin said.

seeds used the main function of the target management, community encourage feedback and results. You can use management by objectives, create a special desire to cultivate personal habits and goals. Seeds provide alarm clock to remind, visual feedback and data tracking; In the community to encourage sign in, using graphic record each time change, and the people of the same target supervision, encourage each other; Review results provide photo albums and calendar, allow users to regularly review their share to change, to help and influence more people.

as to health, public attention in the field of sports promotion, focus on health and movement in the field of mobile Internet more and more small giant product; Some comprehensive management platform level products have begun to show. So seeds used to competitors and many, “a lot of competitive products, I have good output effect, can help users solve the problem of a single, but in terms of user power excitation effect is not ideal, user lack of sustainable use of power”, the founder of seeds used to truthfully convective cloud network reporter said. In addition, due to low barriers to instrumental, appear on the market the more competitors and service providers, users are likely to choose.

habit and seed core advantage is, from habit, stimulate users to use the power, to ensure better use viscosity, simultaneously comprehensive lifestyle management; In addition, based on the behavior of the community, have stronger demand, pay more attention to real life. Creativity of the small community, for the behavior solution possible.

it is understood that the seed habit was inspired by the team members learn running, accompanied by “the good life habit is not a simple thing, but if someone always accompany you, to supervise you, perhaps, it is not easy.” This app in the first design also to some extent, draw lessons from the experience of time management training institutions.

in terms of entrepreneurial teams, seed habits are college students venture. Team currently has 10 people, mostly after 90, although young but experience has two or three years on average. New team used to the new version launched at the end of August in 2014 seed products, won the market mainstream application products recommended as well as the relevant media reports, the android users in less than a month of time more than 100000 new users, active, at 10%, had to health application at the top of the class.

on the seeds used at present has opened more than 30000 kinds of way of life, covering health, sports, learning, etc. Future product will be through the combination of software and hardware, and enrich the tools of sexual function, such as the record of water, running, menstrual cycle, and so on data, combining with community UGC mode at the same time, provide users with professional solutions, help to improve the user’s way of life.

hunting cloud network, according to the seed habit would consider foreign finance team in the near future, the money will be used in the next two years the introduction of talents, mainly operating promotion, etc.


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