See lei jun, 299 yuan of smartphones,, what?

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recently, Microsoft CEO, opens the lines of the first visit to China since he took office.

dialogue with Chinese students, for “new horizon” Microsoft project was unveiled, speech at tsinghua university, Microsoft high-altitude cloud customers summit,, as the first day of the CEO’s visit to China in September (25), the “full” but not surprisingly.

then, netease science and technology to get the message:, in the afternoon to meet with lei jun talks. After the netease science and technology announced the news, immediately triggered the contents of the two people in the industry buzz; But, if two people meet on time, the detailed content of conversation, there is no news.

and, according to the arrangement of the Microsoft today, will go to shenzhen to meet with the local mobile device production enterprise, head of communication; Interestingly, netease also of science and technology, Microsoft has launched a 299 – yuan ultra-low-cost WP smartphone makers could be from shenzhen.

it is full of reverie.

find lei jun to chat?

for meeting, and lei jun, the industry generally believe that the two sides of communication mainly relates to Microsoft Windows Phone system and millet hardware cooperation: if successful cooperation, millet or will soon began to develop mobile Phone or tablet with a Windows Phone system.

but senior media person, since the media people think Mr. Shi,, meet with lei jun not only “millet launch Windows phone” so simple, the two sides of communication may involve economic, sell nokia fans, establish joint laboratories, etc.

to nokia’s problem, Mr. Shi thinks, but if by millet, nokia is like lenovo took over MOTOROLA mobility: nokia has a high residual value, can solve the problem of part of millet to the overseas patent disputes, also can let millet mobile phone on the industrial design of a big step.

in netease reply and netizen said: in fact, is the door to check the piracy…

go to shenzhen to see who?

shenzhen become a Wintel combination in the eyes of old town.

after finish see lei jun, will fly to shenzhen today, with the local mobile communication equipment manufacturers meet. Sidekick, Intel, which before, Microsoft executives have repeatedly visited the shenzhen, communicate with the local ecosystem partners.

netease science and technology of exclusive news shows, Microsoft will also launch a recently price is only RMB 299 WP smartphones. According to the source, this kind of mobile phone in the aspect of hardware configuration is not high, but with Microsoft’s cloud services, it can play the role of is not weaker than the current mainstream smartphone product; In addition, the manufacturer is likely to come from shenzhen.

for cooperation with shenzhen local mobile device manufacturers, Microsoft says, although due to rising costs, such as artificial manufacturing plants are moving from shenzhen and other places to southeast Asia, but shenzhen local ODM power to be reckoned with, design and manufacture of products is also very creative.

a Microsoft China relevant personage says, relative to the android and iOS, Microsoft WP system products in the field of office has irreplaceable advantage; In the “9” for the following equipment for free “strategy, WP system equipment price relative to the android and iOS devices also have a certain competitive advantage.

to netease science and technology, said the people in the Microsoft ODM design produce WP equipment in shenzhen, Microsoft will also help them to the products are exported to overseas markets.

see in Microsoft’s “mobile first cloud first” strategy, shenzhen has the extremely important position.

source: netease science and technology

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