Seduce a girl, still artifact: real-time beautify your facial chat application

want you look more attractive in the video? Or just want to look different? Earlier this year, a company called “Looksery” in the application for a new mobile video chat Kickstarter launched the raise, the app allows users through the use of some special effects to remove the acne on the face, change the eyes color, smooth the skin and so on to make myself look more charming. It has been in apple’s app store shelves of mobile applications can turn your face into a virtual characters, of course, just for a joke.

there have been some tools can help you in the desktop video using a virtual character to replace your face, but there are few on mobile devices. At the same time, as has been tried on this “Tango” is only a fool to modify rather than real in a convincing way to change your image.

of course, Looksery this application can also be used to joke. You can with the panda, gecko, angry cat, zombies, the devil and even the image of a burning skeleton chat with others. Children can be very like it. But for some older people, Looksery greater attraction is that it can chat through facial beautification filters, including allows you to immediately eliminate acne, blain blain, eye bags, and even the color and luster of the skin, smooth face, remove wrinkles, change the eye color and size.

the company was founded in 2013 in August, and Face the most cerebral sci-film and Perfect 365 image editing software, it allows users to adjust their image in the autodyne. These applications through facial smoothing technique, a new eye color, a virtual make-up way to make your image look better. But they are limited to photos, but cannot be used in real-time video chat.

Looksery, they have been used to determine which part of face in mobile, which part of the software to optimize video filters to achieve not only ensure the integrity of the system function and achieve zero lag. This can let Looksery make video size smaller, let talk more fluent.

however, even if the technology was just as effective as expected, Looksery know that it is hard to attract users in a large group of competitors to try the mobile chat application. In addition, users may also don’t want others know that they changed their image. This is the dilemma of the application.

this is also the company has been working hard to make it filters by other photo manipulation, application, website, app store, mobile phone manufacturer, accepted by the seller. Looksery CEO vic, rebrov said (former Handster founder), the company has been in discussions with some brand around the license problem. But, before that, Looksery have nothing to declare.

now, you have to, their own experience.


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