Secret dying, Secret sharing application is going to fall from grace? !

there is such a magic Secret social applications – the Secret to release early January, after a few months it’s success attracted the attention of silicon valley, but it was struggling in more at the moment.

Secret released about a year later, its global download rate has plummeted. Page views and application usage also gradually reduced, so that the Comscore gave up the track of it. No longer exists, an Secret on the Google search rankings in the United States also fall from the top to the bottom. Really painful thing also, Secret veteran workers but also choose silently leave at this time.

this company that doesn’t seem to be clear, in its short life financing amount reached us $35 million. Statistics show, during that time, the reduced use of Secret in the existence of a large part of the reason is that it makes the aggressive behavior gradually rise to personal privacy. This kind of behavior is bound to be heavily criticised by the public opinion, since then, the company began to change its response mechanism of post. Secret using the new restrictions, for instance, don’t release records the author’s name, just, it iOS rankings in the United States also happens to match those restrictions.

Secret seems to will soon be updated major upgrades for the application. Unfortunately, they did not reveal too much information, chief executives and investors David Byttow just said dramatic changes will ensue in the near future.

the Secret has been prepared for a long time for the update. Byttow said in early October, when the company began to intensify efforts to reform the application, so it will be more attractive and more coherent, more useful. Seems Byttow so this will be a historic turning point for Secret.

Secret is stable and orderly changing…

how to arouse the Secret freshman?

I’m a Secret application of super users, although it has become out of date, I was almost every day bubble on it. From the beginning, I was the sharp sharp but there is no lack of again humor posts, but just a few months ago, post is reduced significantly. Want to know, but I can infinite scroll a Secret, the Secret of a new user, the application can contact your other social account or mobile phone contacts, so that the display from your posts on the network.

a few months ago I have 119 friends, after a few months or so much, I was speechless.

recently, just upload some new posts every day I also feel very happy.

Secret from these screenshots, everyone is complaining about application is too inactive inside.

confirmed by App Annie, Secret released in January, after a few months, it was downloaded in apple’s App store application list belong to rise. But since the offensive the behavior of individual privacy in September, download rate plummets, completely disappeared in the United States apple application within the ranking list (App Annie said unable to track the rankings in 1500 after application). Secret appeared in the list is the last day of September 13, number is 1401.

in the specific project in the search list, Secret ranking in 173. And similar rank two application as it is much better than it, Whisper in 27th, Yik Yak was ranked ninth.

data does not represent the whole of the App Annie, after all, it’s just a downloads ranks. Most applications in the occupation of the vast majority of the market will be reaching steady, but didn’t become a mainstay application Secret. Moreover, Whisper and Yik Yak is getting better and better in the rankings.

the company have been silent on the matter, it also don’t know what happened. We can have a look at this a few months to haunt the Secret question. Obviously, the privacy issues really scare away a large number of users. Secret quietly cancelled poll may let some impatient people avoid using this application.

in addition, some of the applications of confessions are all sorts of problems emerged. In addition to the youth group, whether the Secret can be attractive to the user to keep enough? People reflect, for a period of time after they are bored with the content of the application, the anonymity of novelty will fade.

a person familiar with the company’s anonymous source said that the development of the application is closely related with the grasp of Secret in content. He added: “for a want to create a successful company, then sell to earn millions of dollars, will be all about development. Clearly, rumours create a promise and people are very like, but is that right?”

in the high school students, once downloaded the application several children, perhaps a week most of the children in the use of the application. Teenagers upload photos of others, then there will be a lot of people are beginning to comment on their appearance such as weight. Mutual communication between friends, then become widely spread, it prompted the harassment from happening. The founder of the Secret to the aggressive individual privacy is also very nervous, lest affect its development.

in the end, through the media firestorm, Secret network disturbance problems have been widely reported. Is at the end of September, as it downloads ranking is extremely low, it set up a new permissions in application, such as banning the use of real names, upload photo image is prohibited. Another Secret of long-term users, said he is very like the gossip, when the application is prohibited, he will no longer use this application. Perhaps, this is a very dirty place, but for many people is still valuable.

trouble continues

Secret’s largest market mainly in foreign countries, it’s very hot in Israel and Brazil. But not for long, because of the consideration of network privacy, the Brazilian government has banned the use of this application when I was in September. As in the United States, according to the App Annie according to the Secret is to attract people’s attention in a foreign country at first, downloads will rise rapidly, but didn’t last long.

the company’s public relations director SJ Sacchetti taking office in May, empowering them to reconcile the company’s relationship with the media. Sacchetti was once an anonymous website Formspring. Me pr, so help Secret across the social software pr minefield for him should be very experienced. Four months later, however, will ban the use of application in Brazil, Sacchetti quietly leave.

last month, when asked about this problem, the reason why she is not about leaving details, just mention such a word: I had also thought that I would stay in Secret for a long time, but cultural fit problem really exist.

in the next few months, Secret launched a company called Ping from programming marathon (programmer come together around a theme in the form of a small team design) applications. Ping is a notice of the nature of the system, such as weather, twitter dynamic can be displayed. All in all, this application with the core application Secret completely unrelated. Understandably, it let a person produce infinite daydream, “with the launch of the application, we should learn about the Secret what become?”

in fact, as long as the product itself is good enough, government, and the privacy issues can be overcome. Secret is the real problem is anonymous, at least in the form of confession, is not people want to appeal to consumers. It’s hard to know if it has no standing in the opposite of online harassment, whether Secret will continue to develop.

to be honest, in this type of market, the existence of moral heart for business is really doing more harm than good.

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