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“it is not necessary to go to, can serve efficiency.” For blue-collar recruitment industry, from the old products out of tencent Zhao Dong have their own views.

Zhao Dong made children’s computer and the old man’s social application, team the latest product “search radar” for blue-collar workers, with the concept of LBS and community service for blue-collar workers.

simple, search radar allows users through LBS location quickly screen out near work, is a fast cover software of location-based information. Software and other recruitment, recruitment information on the direct display of the dealer contact information, the user can directly contact with the employer. On clients and merchants, search radar are free mode.

hiring a lot of software, why have you. Similar products have many blue-collar recruitment, such as work, work, another olive commune, etc. Recent olive commune to get news from thousands of financing in the media circle is very fire, but the real in the blue-collar workers, can find a job for them is king.

information authenticity should be ranked the first . Search radar for recruitment information will do artificial audit at present, enterprises also need to submit a business license certification, unauthorized companies they stepped in to the certification process. Initial work information they crawl through technology, but audit the success rate is very low, Zhao Dong tell hunting cloud network pass rate is about 30%, grab the mediation and unreliable will filter out a lot of information. The future hope is a healthy pattern, merchants their recruitment requirements, in the background are more likely to trust the end user.

if only solve recruitment, find jobs more radar is a tool. But in Zhao Dong point of view, they want to do more of a community. September conference line search LeiDaXin version of try walking direction of blue-collar community . Young voters who can be critical in the community of wages, complained of injustice, find the countrymen. Zhao Dong during the survey found that they are doing the blue-collar workers in fact already have a friend introduced to each other, also is in commonly known as the Internet push . But it is more a offline mode, search radar to move the model to line up. Merchants by hire broadcast a demand that the right person of hometown can get commission recommended to each other. Blue-collar workers in the offline through recruitment process is very simple, look, you know you probably chat, the new search radar online resume, let this pattern line also go smoothly.

recruitment is big market, industry segmentation is also the future trend. Team: search radar founder Zhao Dong previously in tencent product director, has nearly 10 years of industry experience. CTO Song Wei is tencent, after in tencent’s technical director, in the research and development, safety, operational areas have rich experience in the industry.

when it comes to finding work above radar for customers and merchants to take free, then the future profit way have? Aiming at this problem, Zhao Dong tell hunting cloud network, really early not to profit as the goal. Subsequent fee is on the business side, the future will be for large businesses such as large electronics factory, chain super pay development background job management platform. They manage the job seekers and small business is not an order of magnitude. free, that is, small businesses, large businesses through the value-added service charge . And the hire broadcast can also be used as a revenue model to explore. But the main focus on the user growth and brand communication.

search radar

company: net house edge technology co., LTD.


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