Scott push “dare to dare to compensate” said three years without commercial goals

cloud network hunting on September 23

on September 23, gold in Beijing announced the new gold strategy conference, launched “dare to dare to compensate” plan at the meeting. Using gold map navigation errors, Scott will compensate to the customer. But this did not announce specific compensation standards.

alibaba at UC mobile business group President officially as Scott employees ucweb CEO also, you can see the appearance, UC after into alibaba, integrate into the new stage of gold.

ucweb CEO announced: gold for the next three years there was no commercial objectives, product research and development will focus on the map. Conference: gold after privatization in the alibaba team, gold is no longer carrying the performance targets of the listed companies. Therefore, gold does not do “group-buying navigation” O2O commercial form, the next three years and did not give gold set commercial goals. In the past few months, UC has been foreign to emphasize its data in the process of gold integrated production of professional. In mid-september, Scott told the media to open their underlying data acquisition and production process.

the current domestic market, a map of gold and four dimensional figure new occupies a large part of market share. Scott is in product capability and production capacity and enterprise data. That is to say, remove products, professional gold on the production data is its competitiveness in the future. But professional experience, the product should be placed in the first place.

ucweb CEO, said: “new gold” strategy is mainly to refer to the user demand, focus on the map navigation product research and development, the map products now. At the same time, he says, ali cloud platform, as well as alibaba data processing ability, also will make gold data processing ability have more advantages.

but looking back, Scott announced three years without commercial goals, means to remove technology, such as the market there has been no other major strategic necessity, Scott completion of privatisation, the former CEO Scott holdings into from wu as Scott holding special adviser to the CEO, the original gold CMO Kim joon to leave my position, also believe that Scott’s departure pain will happen after privatization. The future gold is still obey alibaba system development, independent development remains to be seen.

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