Scott previously eaten a lot of dark kui, ucweb CEO to “back”

(wen xuan/day)

take gold months, ucweb CEO continue to put itself in the mobile Internet operation experience and understanding for “transformation” of gold.

at the recent gold bus navigation map version of the conference, ali group UC mobile business group President ucweb CEO tells the story of gold before the lesson, their understanding of druids “happy navigation”, and maps, such as the direction of the market competition in the future.

Scott had dark deficient

from June this year to take over after the gold business, ucweb CEO found gold in the problem on the operation strategy, and then eat a lot of dark, this is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

first, map data exactly who much less? Sometimes users think Scott POI data, search and search, this is actually gold on the “display strategy” to eat a dark deficient. In fact, many gold POI data are exist, but not to the user to display.

second, Scott data acquisition mode has not let the user feel professional. Scott has huge data collection team, but not to the general user illustrate this point, the user think gold with external baidu, etc. There was no difference. At present, baidu map data are purchased from the outside world.

the third, the user to define the narrow, ignoring the mass market. Scott advantages mainly in the drive before navigation, but for ordinary users, found product all aspects, the design does not consider the public demand, so it is very important in recent months a change, is to increase the understanding of the public users.

as a result, after take over gold, ucweb CEO started to adjust action, and announced in September to give up before doing O2O direction, be absorbed in the field of LBS, and on this basis to create more products suitable for the user’s needs.

now Scott occupy the first mover advantage in the field of car navigation map, but on a personal user market in the second. Ucweb CEO when it comes to the Internet and map cross-border integration development, said “in fact, the Internet will encounter some challenges, although runs fast, but not really run very far, so cross-border business, to demand a higher vertical industry business comprehension.”

Bus navigation products introduced

from a big level, Scott bus map navigation products is “return to nature of user requirements”. Deep, this is Scott in implementing the new strategy – to focus on travel and location information services, for product design, user demand orientation, industry trends and other factors, a comprehensive thinking.

according to the need of public transport users and usage scenarios, Scott walking map provides the user with the station, line real-time guidance, arrive station/transfer to remind, the entire speech segmentation functions such as navigation, avoid the user to worry about sitting on station, change to the mistake, can’t find the bus station, and other issues. Previously, the product can also use guo degang navigation on the voice recording, personally promote travel happiness index

before that, the gold map ever used Lin’s voice navigation. Teamed up with The Times, guo degang, use ucweb CEO’s words, is to “winner-take-all” young and old to take care of more users group, and personal characteristics, “the future how to consider from the perspective of happy users demand and product elements to do product.”

future map product competition

ucweb CEO, according to the UC in two years ago considered whether to do product map, but gave up after serious thinking, mainly in the field of map to create a new brand is very difficult.

now Scott and baidu has become the cauldron in the field of map behind and tencent, sogou map, etc. But in ucweb CEO’s view, “Scott and baidu map will be a win-win two users, because the market is too big, the former two are good, before two without fail.”

he thinks, from the Angle of competition over a long period of time, will produce a competitive third, but the window period is over, and basic it is from the perspective of the Internet to competition, lack of the core data of strong support.

ucweb CEO in the eyes of map service is “the application of upper body, lower body data” architecture of the human body. In addition to high no.15, baidu, tencent, sogou maps all need to purchase data from others, it will eventually become a gold growing foundation.

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