Science and technology media disappoint entrepreneurs: will only “batch” and not “hold”

editor’s note: hunting cloud network within the coming week will launch “a line of anonymous entrepreneurs experience sharing project”. This topic will be selected foreign lines founder’s feeling and experience sharing project compilation. The content of these articles may not apply to all people, but they are short and hard working rather than the long, provide micro operation rather than a macro. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman sincerely hope that this project can be for those unwilling comfort, willingly “for” business “warriors”, to provide some inspiration and enlightenment can be used for reference.

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my name is Dana Severson, co-founder of Today I want to let everybody den.

as the founder of an anonymous web site, I want to do is to post these anonymous content. You might be curious: isn’t this anonymous web site? Then why do I want to be in this letter that my identity from the start? The answer is very simple, but only a anonymous let you openly, unbosom tool. Today I want to say these content, is trying to find a den, so I don’t need to hide the identity.

designed Startups Anonymous is not designed to catch up with the Anonymous trend. In fact, if you a little note, you should know that we had before the malicious slander our media spreading rumors have introduced Startups Anonymous. We didn’t take the anonymous written comment on these as a tool of spreading rumors and gossip, on the contrary, we believe that the anonymous is a response to the reality, to tell the truth. The significance of the anonymous bring far more influence than hide name behavior bring greater influence. Anonymous or not care about the user’s choice, we just want to use anonymous way create sincere dialogue between society to benefit society.

in this case today, hidden identity this don’t need this thing, so it will not bring any added value to what I said. But every time and other users to share knowledge or news, I’ll habitual choose to remain anonymous. This is what inspired me to create the cause of the I don’t like the depressive emotion, more don’t like to pretend to everything is OK, without any problems. I need a platform to let me out of the heart. So, this site is basically created for personal service. I’m not the first to be fooled “up to” the right theory, the theory is brought bad influence to the society as a whole. (UP to the RIGHT is a guiding entrepreneurial company President to join Leaders Quadrant of the development of instruction. The book is written by Richard Stiennon within the enterprise, he thinks that if you want to develop a technology company, this book must be good research.

last week, there is a business internal veteran published an article about anonymous this topic, we are all involved in the discussion of this topic. This is actually a very rare thing. I don’t mean in this anonymous will happen in the community discussion, but almost all of us took part in the discussion. Almost everyone on the “anonymous this tool can bring value to the community” the problem of indifference, we care about only those technology application, yonhap news agency reported by the United States.

so, perhaps you may feel my words a bit sad, in fact, I do feel very sad. Entrepreneurial efforts are neglected, it makes me very angry.

I’m not stupid, I understand technology the rules of the game. Dave Morin development Path of the application of Apple company bought by such rumors. Such rumors I also understand that the idea behind the media is to provoke fierce discussion, rather than for entrepreneurs to panic, to let them in investors panic withdrawals. But with all due respect, you these rumors of media and technology industry created the value of what?

when everyone is discussing the content of the application of “anonymous how sustainable development” or “anonymous application can bring value to the society” this kind of problem, we are here to tell these people seriously: every day we are all in for these entrepreneurs to create value. And when we tell these questions directly (you know what I said is who, they usually to silence.

why they don’t want to know the answer? Maybe it’s because they are willing to become one of the leading role of rumors. After all, in a sense, a person can become the protagonist of others topic of discussion, the feeling is very fresh. May I understand is wrong, but I think the fact speak louder than words.

I need special points out here is – I didn’t mean to preempt the market with other anonymous application. How do they occupy market share I don’t give a damn. Whatever you don’t admit, these anonymous applications are designed for a certain profit purposes, and if the user really need these anonymous application, the answer is not clear.

in addition, I am very disappointed with the media and the so-called technology elite, they bring to our society’s influence is not positive.

I want to tell the media and technology elite: if you don’t like our “vulgar” design, you can just say we have no qualification to waste their time on you. But please don’t just sit there, put forward the anonymous did the practice value of this kind of meaningless question, what’s more, the answer as we have already said, you just ignore it.

in the end, please respect the existence of entrepreneurs. Our efforts, please also give corresponding respect.

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