Say goodbye to the roaming, KnowRoaming electronic stickers let you enjoy a wireless network

now, often to travel or work abroad for many people, expensive international roaming has become a very big cost. So, how can I save a lot of consumption. So easy! KnowRoaming electronic stickers, go where. A sticker, can reduce as much as 85% of roaming calls, help you easily connected to the local data network.

how to solve the expensive international roaming? Before that, the only two ways to avoid using too much abroad data roaming charges. First, is refused to use a mobile phone, this is a very difficult task. The second option, by contrast, has more feasibility, by buying local SIM card instead of your original SIM card. But most have a large number of SIM card of travelers, say every few weeks to exchange a SIM card, it is not the slightest interest.

KnowRoaming was born. It is a substitute for 55 countries or regions SIM card magic the stickers.

The use of the

KnowRoaming steps is very simple: first, the electronic label on your current use SIM card, then put it back in your smartphone, then it will automatically connect to the web site mentioned 55 countries belong to any country in the local network, and there is no limit to the problem. Have had to mention, in 55 countries or regions, there are 10 distribution in the asia-pacific region. They are Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, kazakhstan, Australia, New Zealand.

one of the founder and chief executive of KnowRoaming Gregory Gundelfinger said that the idea of creating KnowRoaming appeared for the first time in his mind, because he was the co-founder and cousin Mathew Stein in Mexico has spent two days trying to activate a local SIM card.

Gundelfinger said, we all know, roaming, it creates a can not cost simulation device of traditional travel convenience. “We understand the causes of roaming insist on such a long time, and understand why people are willing to continue to pay for expensive. So we decided to go to working to develop a seamless and convenient solution to solve these problems.”

when a user has to stay in his/her country, KnowRoaming this equipment will be dormant; When the user to another country, it will be automatically activated. Although the KnowRoaming services are limited and it’s still 3 g network, but when I spend $7.99 ($48 yuan), you can use to unlimited data services.

in addition, it is said that KnowRoaming can reduce as much as 85% of roaming calls, this data is cheaper than your original operators to pay the price. Gundelfinge explained, “though we won’t charge any income, but in fact these networks will generate new revenue for us.”

in order to make things more convenient, headquartered in Toronto, the team also released a matching application. The application support iOS, Android, WP and blackberry system. It allows the user to create an account by credit card the money to buy a packet or make a phone call, and its costs of real-time monitoring. Now it is widely by number or buy scratch CARDS to prepaid phone or check your account, in contrast,

KnowRoaming form is definitely a better countermeasure. Oh, and your credit limit will never fail.

KnowRoaming also provides call forwarding service, it can call a user home landline phone. This means that the user even in overseas, both scored his SIM card, or a landline phone at home, he can still receive all calls.


but for Asian customers, there is a bigger flaw: they can only receive or call to come from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa’s long distance phone call. Even so, still can solve this issue. Asia users can through the mobile phone application and use it offers unlimited data to make a phone call.

now, you can be in KnowRoaming website for $29.99 (RMB 183) to buy this kind of data roaming stickers. If you order within 15 days after registration, you can also get $15 credit for free.


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