Say go go travel, transport which model you like


instead of walking tool which is strong? Shandong lanxiang find this can’t China, a shovel out the street very vain, the picture is too beautiful, dare not imagine hunting cloud network. Today for everyone to take some walking tool.

smart bicycle

basic concepts (BiCi rev kyrgyz) is an intelligent bicycle brand, after the paired with mobile phone APP, can see all kinds of cycling data from a mobile phone. Founder of the basic concept of BiCi Jiang Min Chen said, will be released on November 22, called “basic concepts. Rev transcribing” first forming intelligent bicycle products, it is equipped with a carbon fiber frame, Shimano high-grade variable speed suite, will have security, cycling navigation, cycling data, intelligent lights, and other functions. BiCi independent research and development team including bicycle intelligent operating system, industrial design, matching the APP and cloud services, aims to belong to this era of science and technology of materials, manufacturing process and bring users subversive riding experience. After hundreds of people to vote, countless discussed repeatedly, and finalised BiCi. Rev transcribing sells for 3999 yuan. Is said to be at a loss for the feelings, meet the ride. And in the early 21 presold, delivered next march.

they also should make a bicycle

long bond digital President xiang-dong zhang to leave Entrepreneurship aimed at bike, millet seems to also have this aspect of the plan.

baidu DuBike

but rumours have long baidu DuBike bicycle has unveiled that DuBike will launch at the end of the year at the earliest. DuBike by baidu deep learning lab, together with the tsinghua academy plans to baidu as the core, the brain will navigation, social, health monitoring, crowdsourcing cycling route maps, intelligent recommendation module integration and fitness programs, and other functions, through the platform, interface mode, open to all bicycle manufacturers.

DuBike by the intelligent sensing system installed on the bike and health data management and social function of the APP, the integrated sensor, artificial intelligence, automatic control, data analysis, several technologies such as automatic customized path planning. Can ride by multidimensional sensor to collect users information, such as heart rate, calories, through baidu’s analysis, the brain interact through voice and body hard interface to the user guide, and establish the cloud big health records data for the user. DuBike social networks will also establish the cycling activities, and provide the route design based on baidu map, recommendations and analysis function, through health and smart devices account system, based on the health data to carry on the comprehensive analysis, for the rider to mold an exercise program. Conductor built-in GPS real-time judge the position of the bike, can also help the owner to prevent loss.

Denny smart car

Denny, is by the design company Teague Taylor with bicycle manufacturers for the integrated design of Sizemore, they invented a handlebar, it can be taken apart, parking, just the break out of the car can be like ordinary lock lock for it. Denny did not like the traditional on the rear wheels of ordinary bicycle fender installation, but with a small rubber brush instead. It can be in when the rotation of the wheels to stain, it is an elegant and efficient choice.

designer to Denny is equipped with an electric motor, which can deal with the complicated terrain, such as hills. Motor can also be in some cases, for the rider to increase the power, easy to complete its steep slope and muddy road. In addition, batteries hidden in the frame of the bicycle, and provide power to assist in the direction of light, when the driver to arrive can charge.

concept type electric vehicles

the world smallest micro electric bicycle

creative world smallest micro electric bicycle which is the world’s current at the time the shortest electric folding bicycles, folding time only need two seconds. After folding two wheels that can help you held steady in the process of the towing line. The car full of electricity can exercise more than 40 kilometers, the speeds of up to 25 kilometers, can completely satisfy the usual work, buy some food. Manufacturers also says it will produce carbon fiber body framework version to reduce vehicle weight, retail price is expected to 2400 euros, the fastest will be put on sale at the end of next year.

backpack electric bicycle

by a team of engineers in Canada and China’s tsinghua university joint research and development of backpack electric bicycle after landing the raised platform Kickstarter, the electric bike’s weight is only about 5 kg, folding design, after folding can be put in a backpack. This electric bike called “Impossible”, the frame made using carbon fiber, the power supply is 10 RMB 2900 milliampere mobile phone batteries, in order to control within the scope of the low weight of the car, the electric bicycle used extremely contracted design style, even frame using the circular design, looks full of sense of science and technology in the future.

Other transport

SOLOWHEEL is a kind of self balancing electric unicycle, by the American Inventist In solo will c. company research and development, by Invanti – the who’s (Beijing) trade co., LTD., the sole total operating In the asia-pacific region. In 2011, officially launched globally, mainland China at the end of 2012. SOLOWHEEL since the date of arrival quickly catch on around the world, has been in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Australia and other 14 countries and regions more than 30000 units sold. The vehicle maximum speed can be up to 16 kilometers, quick charge only 45 minutes, and only 11 kg weight, covers an area of only the size of a briefcase. SOLOWHEEL is history’s most small and light.

the cloud network on a dark windy night, night trying to practice for a long time. Unfortunately, those too difficult, forced to give up.


scooter (Bicman) is another after traditional skateboarding skateboarding form of new products. Reliable skateboard body twisting and move forward, don’t need a feet to push, to do all kinds of fancy change action, with twist waist movement, can achieve significant thin body effect, can enhance the balance of the individual fitness activities of entertainment.

cloud network hunting came up with a student rollerblading, envy, however, because of technical problems, and have been unable to proceed with a skateboard. Is now an old arms legs, one thousand dropped, or is not permitted. In a hurry, we will loss of collagen.

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