Samsung third-quarter profit fell 60% year on year, four consecutive quarters of decline

tencent technology on October 7, samsung electronics Tuesday released its preliminary results in the third quarter of 2014. Samsung electronics said, affected by the weak mobile business, the company may in the third quarter operating profit fell 59.7%, to 4.1 trillion won ($3.8 billion).

samsung expects third-quarter revenue for 47 trillion won, lower than the market average analyst estimate of 50.9 trillion won; May the third quarter operating profit fell 59.7%, fell to 4.1 trillion won ($3.8 billion), lower than the market average analyst estimate of 5.6 trillion won. It would also be samsung electronics operating profit for a fourth consecutive quarter of decline.

samsung expects the mobile business uncertainty will continue into the fourth quarter. Samsung electronics said the smartphone shipments in the third quarter improved slightly, and continues to grow slightly in the fourth quarter. However, samsung’s smartphones average selling prices fell in the third quarter.

long-term focus on samsung clsa analyst Shaun Cochran (Shaun Cochran) on Monday to the United States financial media CNBC said: “for poor performance, the market is clearly fully digested. However, about the investment more important question is: samsung or not a world-class companies? My answer is absolutely yes. I don’t think the samsung culture disappear overnight. Samsung electronics industry, coverage, market impact, and innovation of real threat has yet to happen.”

the market clearly to samsung electronics results below market expectations ready. The company’s share price rose by 1% when securities markets opened Tuesday in Seoul. According to the plan, the company will be officially released by the end of the month the company in the third quarter financial results.

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