Samsung released last night? Astonishing bend the second screen, but there is a small trouble

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in yesterday evening just after samsung ifa conference in 2014, the south Korean mobile phone giant launched four new product altogether. Including: performance experience a sharp rise in the Galaxy Note 4; Added a “bending the second screen” Galaxy Note 4 Edge; Can answer the call, install the SIM card smart watches the Galaxy Gear S; Using the Galaxy Note 4 as the Galaxy VR virtual reality helmet of the screen.

please donate said, cloud network editor you hunting for your quick review important information is as follows:

Galaxy Note 4: metal frame, the change from the design to

The basic configuration:

5.7 -inch Super AMOLED screen, 2560 x 1440 resolution;

qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 805 quad-core processors/samsung Exynos 5433 eight processors;

16 million pixels main camera; 3.7 million the rear camera, maximum aperture of 1.9;

3 gb of RAM, 32 gb of storage space can be extended;

3220 ma batteries;

with Android 4.4 customization system;

4 g, wi-fi, NFC, IR LED, bluetooth, USB 2.0

specification 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm, weighing 176 g.

highlight window:

metal frame, slightly curved screen 2.5 D gorilla;

support multiple tasks to run screen, there are three kinds of presentation is optional;

S Pen stylus pressure sensor considerably increase (increased) twice;

S Note to support a number of ways the input (text, pictures, voice);

support quick charge, 30 minutes to cell phone battery charge to 50%;

camera Angle from 90 extended to 120 degrees, a front-facing camera to shoot a panoramic portrait;

the built-in Voice Recorder, provides eight azimuth surround sound;

in addition, the GN4 also allows users to listen to multiple track dialogue alone a voice in the dialogue.

this October: time to market, the price is unknown. But analysts say, should be consistent with the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 4 Edge: bend the second screen to change the world, but there’s a left-handed trouble

Galaxy Note 4 Edge configuration is largely consistent with the Galaxy Note 4.

the most prominent is the adopted “plane bending (slightly bent) + screen” design. For showing us down to the Edge is the Galaxy Note 4. The concept of a prototype, had already interestingly, samsung, right now the concept equipment into reality.

in hunting cloud network editor jun, Galaxy Note 4 Edge design of qu bing doesn’t seem to simple as people in the past, a stunt, “” function. Such a design at least brought the following obvious advantages:

first, qu bing replaced the notification center, becoming the second screen of mobile phone. User used sliding part qu bing, you can view the notification, email, weather, etc. In addition, users can also in does not affect the main screen (flat screen), quick start application in the field of qu bing.

second, virtually increased the area of screen, split screen processing tasks, allows the user to “multitasking”. A simple example: the user in the main screen to watch the video at the same time, can be in in qu bing, and won’t interfere with the operation of the home screen. Although there are already has a mobile phone can realize the function of the “split screen many tasks”, but the Edge has the operation of the main tasks maximize accounted for area, affected by the interference of the minimized;

third, increase the battery life. Less frequent startup qu bing to check the time, weather, etc., can effectively reduce the mobile power consumption.

however, let a person feel the trouble is, if you are left-handed, it is located in the right qu bing one-handed operation might not be so good for you. However, for at least 5.5 inch screen mobile phone, one-handed operation maybe it is a “false”.

time to market: in October, the price is unknown.

Galaxy Gear S: always a step more than others of samsung

The basic configuration:

2.0 -inch Super AMOLED screen, 360 x 480 resolution;

a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, a compass sensor, heart rate detector, backlit UV sensor, barometer;

39.9 x58.1 x2.5 T

(black), weight of 67 g, 84 g (white);

300 mah lithium battery, can last for two days;

there are red, white, black, blue, grey colours are optional.

highlight window: can insert SIM card, can make a phone call; Built-in S Voice Voice control.

time to market: in October, the price is unknown

Galaxy VR: fresh impetus to the virtual reality full commercial

although the Galaxy VR has this or that is not perfect, but samsung said the device to “geek” just now. The Galaxy VR is one of the most prominent highlight, cancelled all entities wire connection, only through the use of mobile phones (Galaxy Note 4) can realize the function of virtual reality.

it is understood that the device by samsung and Oculus VR in cooperation. Time to market is unknown, the price is unknown.

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