Samsung Note4 edge cracks have how old? You can insert a card

epicenter wide net Beijing on October 5 news (reporter Ma Chuang) according to the voice of China “the epicenter wide news” reported that samsung’s latest phone Note 4, has started to sell, but south Korean consumers point out that gap between frame and the phone’s screen, you can insert a name card.

in order to fight against apple iPhone6, samsung Note 4 a lead at the end of September in two markets of the China and South Korea on sale at the same time, but don’t know whether I do for the remodel is coarser, according to media reports, Note 4 on sale is surely following gap is too big, south Korean consumers complain about buying in the BBS Note 4 between the metal frame and the panel gap is too big, too big to insert a card, or two pieces of A4 paper. The netizen also upload photos online, he said because the gap is too big, can let the water into the fuselage, so have to samsung service center to ask for replace the machine.

this problem not only occurred in South Korea, in China also have consumer complain the same problem, a netizen wrote on weibo, the long-awaited Note 4 finally got home playing with my heart cold half, panel high side and low side, on the left side of the gap can be easily inserted three sheets of paper, to get the experience shop want a replacement, the clerk answered appearance test did not change permissions, as long as you can make a phone call, will not affect the use they won’t replace it.

want to verify how much the gap is not too easy, more stores in Beijing businessman will only show the prototype to customers, if you want to see real must open the packing, and packing must first pay, what the problem is not yet can fully confirm how many machine face the same problem. Samsung aspects of response is, however, this problem does not affect the quality of the mobile phone, assure consumers have been strict production requirements and quality control standard, samsung Note 4 also explicitly expressed in the instructions may be necessary to existence of the gap, samsung said in a statement, is not the problem in the future will not be fixed, perhaps problems that gap is individual models exist in samsung.

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