Samsung nokia’s path Can’t just rely on the mobile phone market

on November 19, hunting cloud network (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

in recent years, apple’s suppression and the rise of China’s domestic mobile phone brand, samsung’s market share declining, the price also is vastly decrease all the way, as we all know, samsung became apparent. To save the situation, samsung has adopted a series of measures, for the Chinese market, the change of channel strategy is a method that it is regarded as one of the key were as a agent of China’s market a panacea.

so, the samsung those changes have taken place in the Chinese market channel strategy? The following is the small make up moments.

by gradually reducing operator channels share, intensify social channels to expand, thereby reducing even part of the provincial agent with the generation of business cooperation, in the introduction, development throughout all the provinces FD of Taiwanese businessmen, to strengthen the control of three or four customers, that is the change after the channel strategy. It can be seen that the new strategy aimed at to operators and to the generation.

may have some audience to ask, what is the mode of FD. Small make up to science once again.

FD model, it is a platform of logistics, capital, in other words, is a product agency system and straight for the models of the compromise. He is not really a sales mode, more like a network logistics mode and under the strict limits of the proxy pattern synthesis. Is a part of the big cut to a certain extent, or cancelled them altogether area () at or above the provincial level agents, adopt the mode of dispatching and set up branch, implement provincial direct sales model.

this model is to reduce the intermediate links, and strengthen the management of the terminal, control of prices, major stores in China not only can realize direct, but also enjoy information transparent and timely, every manufacturer to get the complete data in retail sales, sales terminal channels of all levels of wholesalers, each link into, sales and stock of each day, each model each color, can be obtained on the day.

FD means manufacturer to strengthen the control of channel, will be concentrated in liability, weaken the provincial agent, a large area directly to retail stores for straight. Before the rise of nokia, and adopts the model of FD was about, but after its decline has the reason of this model.

because the information is too transparent, the volatility of the market cause the vigilance of stores management, greatly reduces the nokia’s cargo capacity, to some extent can be said to be “into the main build with”.

in the channel mode change, change direction of the flat as samsung began since the end of 2010, provincial agents of the introduction, and such as gome, suning, specialty stores, such as music, straight for the introduction of the retail channel is the example. Because of the severe electricity influence on global channel operators channels and open channels has always been the emphasis of the samsung.

but now, with the introduction of FD model, to gradually reduce the operator channels to samsung for end of management will be strengthened, and its control of the product price will get promoted, so as to promote the rapid development of its own retail channels.

in the mobile market more and more serious today, samsung chose the cargo capacity will significantly reduce their pressure, not fuck? Want to know that nokia is because this pattern and dramatically reduce their respite.

but samsung is different. Samsung is not only a mobile phone this kinds of products, computer, TV, air conditioning, such as when you can think of, he has. Even clothing, tanks. in the smart home era, severe mobile phone market saturation, think developed can no longer rely on mobile phones, smart home is a new development direction.

the biggest influence of the smart home market is that tens of thousands of offline retail stores, samsung is in for the layout.

the declining trend of samsung mobile phone is inevitable, but samsung intelligence lives in the future? Everything is unknown, let time to prove it.


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