Samsung announced a $15 billion investment in construction of mobile chip plants

tencent inquiry on October 6, science and technology, in response to the mobile device strong growth in demand for chips, samsung will invest 15.6 trillion won ($15 billion) to build a chip manufacturing factory in Korea.

samsung’s email said in a statement on Monday, the chip manufacturing factory is located in the south Korean capital, Seoul, gyeonggi province, south of the building official in the first half of next year, is expected to be put into production in 2017. The chip manufacturing factory will be able to manufacture both memory and processor chips.

samsung electronics is the world’s biggest chipmaker at present, the company to invest in chip business, as its smartphone business is struggling, to maintain its market dominance. As the main competitor, apple has released the latest big screen of the iPhone series mobile phone, Chinese competitors millet has started to sell cheap smartphones in overseas markets.

samsung to release its third quarter on Wednesday to preliminary results.

samsung CEO and vice chairman of the right to five Xuan (Kwon – hyun) said in a statement, “our investment in the new chip factories, to shape the future of the samsung chip business.”

to Seoul on October 6, 10 with 27 points (Beijing time) on October 6, 9 27 points), samsung electronics shares slightly adjust the Seoul stock exchange, stock prices for 1.142 million won. Since this year, the company shares fell 17%.

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