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a product launch in September this year the pet, it is by “pet” transformation. Founder Zhang Zhongshan, pet before China, participated in the planning of the first domestic social applications “pet dating”. In June last year to start your own business “pet”, the main products of the form is the pet BBS, and mother similar online community, it is not difficult to found it easy to start from the community users achieve the bottleneck, traffic is very expensive, also do not have new idea, product shape the sunrise in the pet market under the situation of a piece of the red sea, no special pet circle, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd.

in such a market environment, what kind of product can meet the needs of the user’s potential, is Zhang Zhongshan entrepreneurial teams need to really consider the problem. Team of pet population has carried on the careful analysis, found that bask in pet photos is one of the pet owners just need, but how can bask more interesting, more creative is the key. Based on this, through to the picture show, magic diffuse camera, face of, talking Tom cat, such as analysis, and allow the user to be creative to design to share photos, print combined with voice, make product more interesting. But that is not done by “snapped”? So the team to innovate again, make moving pictures. Based on the above analysis, it is concluded that “a lot of community” is a false conclusion, so the team decided to do dynamic figure sound social software “pet”.

specific to pet product architecture and function, the user can choose mouth, costumes, props, etc to design the beautification pet images, broken, some by sharing, pet as the hero, through the “pet owner dubbing photos + + dynamic display” in the form of simple steps, let your pet will talk, to complete the marriage proposal, for help, ridicule, printing and other interactive behavior, at the same time can share WeChat whenever and wherever, microblogging platform, etc. Can say simple understanding for a pet collection many advantages: in the field of application of secret anonymous system + stranger stranger dating applauded function + + beauty of the voice effect of dynamic modification techniques of + beautiful picture show + face of spell face play + magic props form of diffuse + sing show function, integration of the above many popular elements, but not complicated.

pet, ‘said at the end of June, got the Shanghai melt silver angel investment 10 million yuan, from understanding to investment, a total of less than two weeks. Why so fast to get the investment? Zhang Zhongshan convective cloud network, “said pets to innovate on the function, instrumental, and vertical enough, is not lack of user participation and interest, this is what investors see the.”

about pets creative mode and the business is successful, the founder of Zhang Zhongshan share some entrepreneurial experience. Zhang Zhongshan think that entrepreneurs have to be very clear own entrepreneurial orientation, inner development main line can’t deviate from: one is to enough vertical, rather than from a big company, do a lot die; The second is to make the target user base is large enough, can’t because of the vertical, choose a particular niche market, so the future will not have enough income to maintain team survival; Three is to cut into the blue ocean market, even if meet the first two, if you cut a big, red sea market full of competition, it is in vain. Because based on the direction of the mobile Internet pet, pet said on above factors, so the team didn’t insist on do poineering work up to now.

each product is not just can all achieve your planning, it is a gradual process. Said in the prophase, pet tools will continue to play perfect product attributes, on the integration of content and activity of operating at the same time, heat, continuously perfecting the community as a vertical. Pet said development ideas, like “sister”, do first tool, after vertical holds a large number of users, gradually add hardware, electricity, flash sales, O2O, such as plate, commercially. Zhang Zhongshan said, “come back to think, I feel most is, to do different things in different stage. Said maybe one day, the pet will also make a lot of the pet community, the key is to think well what to do now, how can let oneself walk to the end goal.”

pets said

time: in September 2014,


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