‘s regiment blood, how can rob a head start

focus on buying industry must remember that on May 25, 2011, online is more than a year’s group was held in Beijing “IPO startup news conference.” The bombing of events also let many people’s group and Xu Maodong wore “speculative and marketing” label. Because almost all companies are the secret in the process of IPO, not like the company to agitate.

in the process, a mind-blowing’s regiment in the cold winter, the underwriters to exit, business transformation, cuts and a series of events, group purchase is already fully the industry reshuffle. Three years later, still in the struggling to support’s start going public plan again, and the SEC filed in the United States in the early hours of today morning IPO application.

the prospectus shows that’s listed on nasdaq, the stock code is “WOWO, plans to raise $40 million through initial public offering. The IPO underwriters for the Axiom Capital, an investment bank headquarters is located in Boston, USA.

with the last fired but had no details remain the IPO issue different data disclosure, finally was formally submitted this time, also make some stick old people relieved, finally have a hope. But from the data’s next development was not the light.

on the financing amount of it, almost u.s.-listed shares of $40 million is the lower limit, and for’s eyes are in money management dilemma, is a drop in the bucket.

according to’s group in the prospectus disclosure of financial information, according to the company the first nine months of 2014 net loss of $32.4 million, compared to the same period in 2013 $21.1 million in losses significantly enlarged. More importantly, the first nine months of 2014 net revenue of $20.6 million, compared with the same period in 2013 compared with $2013 is on the decrease. According to the loss of speed, the $40 million raised can be burned off in a year.

after a few years,’s has been losing money, 2011 losses of $2011, $39.01 million, 2012, 2013 losses of $2013. In may of this year’s group chairman and CEO has revealed that the original shareholders team has to inject $50 million again.

9 months, 2014 years ago’s group’s total operating expenses were $47.4 million, compared with the same period in 2013 to $43.9 million. Among them, the first nine months of 2014 marketing spending to $8.7 million, compared with the same period in 2013 for $2013. Selling, general and administrative expenses of $38.7 million, compared with the same period in 2013 to $35.8 million. ‘s team the first nine months of 2014 operating loss was $32.3 million, compared with the same period in 2013 operating loss of $21 million.

can be seen from these data,’s current operating data was not beautiful, listing has not yet learned of the success of the time. In the long run, even can rob group in the United States, public comments on the IPO, but still faces more challenges in the subsequent development.

in terms of equity ownership situation is as follows: the chairman and CEO Xu Maodong stake is 37.35%; Xiaoyi Niu, beneficial to hold about 80.5 million shares, stake is 17.19%; Jianguang Wu beneficial to hold about 38.1 million shares, stake is 8.13%; Frank, Zhigang Zhao beneficial to hold about 10.4 million shares, stake of 2.21%. ‘s regiment directors and executives in total number of shares held by the beneficial to about 312 million shares, the total stake of 66.61%.

before submit a prospectus, the major shareholder’s group ownership situation is as follows: CDH Barley Limited beneficially owns about 80.5 million shares, holdings ratio is 17.19%; Tianyou Investment Limited beneficially owns about 47.4 million shares, stake of 9.94%.


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