S $50 million C round of financing Kleiner perkins led

hunting cloud network news on September 25

short video sharing application seconds (http://www.miaopai.com/) announced the complete C round of financing, financing amount is $50 million, this round of financing by the top venture capital firm kleiner perkins (kleiner perkins caufield & byers) led, sina, vc, li bingbing, huang xiaoming, and red dot Ren Quan StarVC and risk investment company.

seconds on product positioning for “10 seconds on large”, now has more than 2000 users, is the highest UGC short video application in the domestic activity.

after this round of investment kleiner perkins caufield & byers competent partner jovia will enter the second board. Jovia said, this is “seconds” kleiner perkins caufield & byers in China in the field of mobile Internet short video strategic layout, kleiner perkins caufield & byers future will continue to increase support for short video industry in China.

except sina, red dot and StarVC and has become a second C round of a major bright spot. StarVC is by li, huang xiaoming, Ren Quan three star a investment fund was established in July this year, won a lot of attention in the beginning of the birth, second is the first project StarVC investment. StarVC will not only bring seconds take financial support, will also with its star power for “seconds” brand into the charm and personality. Second shot star has nearly one thousand users.

after the second film has gained the angel morningside venture capital investment, red dot led millions of dollars to A round of investment, and sina led, red dot, morningside venture capital investment and the $25 billion B round of funding. Seconds on CEO victor hon, said the next step will continue to optimize the product experience, and consider short video taken around the second industry ecological strategic layout.

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