Rocket Internet in the next town, bet “taobao” southeast Asia lazada

in general enterprise financing announced over the weekend, rarely but Lazada is a special case. Rocket Internet support southeast Asia electricity Lazada announced for 200 million euros, or about $250 million in a new round of financing.

this round of financing by Singapore’s Temasek but Holdings led. Temasek but Holdings manages more than $100 billion, this year also invested in another competition: amazon’s e-commerce sites in India Snapdeal. This round of financing has been holding part also includes Lazada equity investors, including Kinnevik, Verlinvest, Rocket Internet, mechanism at present, the company valuation of about 1 billion euros, or about $1.25 billion.

Lazada mainly in six countries in southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Main business is cooperate with Zalora, this is also another by Rocket Internet support the return of good enterprise.

Lazada now get more than $700 million in financing from investors. Last round of financing is in December 2013, earned $250 million at that time, investors including the retail giant Tesco from England. Anyhow Zalora and Lazada has received more than $1 billion, but the valuation has not been disclosed.

Lazada CEO Maximilian Bittner said in an interview, new financing investment funds will be used for logistics, infrastructure, payment solutions and IT systems. Bittner said Lazada need to continue to invest capital, because the electronic commerce in southeast Asia is still in its early stage.

this investment strategy for us to provide the flexibility, to further consolidate our leadership, and improve the customer shopping experience. We are very welcome to Temasek but as new investors and local partners to join us for a long time, we also thank our continued confidence in the existing investors. It makes me aware of our leading position, is also the confidence in our business growth performance and the future of the biggest affirmation.

Lazada didn’t say a lot of new information, but he claims that its sales market, third-party sales platform alibaba/lotte style is strong growth, make Lazada since June 2014, the total trade retailers all doubled. Lazada said the third markets accounted for about 70% of revenue.

this summer, Lazada business of raw data, including as part of the Rocket Internet ipo in Germany. According to foreign media reports, science and technology Lazada brought $91.4 million in revenue in the first half of this year, produced 1.8 million orders from 1.4 million active users. These slightly modest returns may explain why Lazada pay more attention to the size of the market.

as the Lazada financing, Jumia also received $120 million in financing, this is a Rocket earlier this week the Internet investment in Africa and a home appliance business start-ups. Rocket Internet, companies tend to focus on the formation of the new trend of investment companies.

Rocket Internet is integrating its focus Fashion e-commerce companies as a whole, is called the Global Fashion Group (GFG), but Lazada will not be in this Group.


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