Roaming hot fetching artifact: don’t buy a local SIM card, also can use the fastest network

travel travel friend, still worry about surfing the Internet? Danish mobile hotspot new Anqor may be able to solve your problem. It offers lower cost stable Internet connection, and cut expensive roaming data charges for you.

Anqor commitment, users do not buy a local SIM card can also be connected to the business trip to the fastest network. As long as turn on the switch, Anqor automatically detect its position, and connect to the fastest available wireless service provider.

the company introduction, the device can “read from the database use local SIM card”. But because the local SIM card also want money, users need to subscribe to the meal. 2 gb of monthly international roaming data traffic package price $52, 5 gb monthly local data traffic price for $16.

each Anqor wireless hotspot can support at most 10 device to blunt the electricity can be used after eight hours at a time.

but Anqor launch date has been set. At present, the company is to carry out the raising activities on Kickstarter, hope that through financing to promote the development of the product, further reduce the volume of a product with the help of the raise funds after officially into the market. Anqor needs more than $412000, now has raised $12000.

the prototype of the product is relatively large and heavy, but the official version will be smaller, similar to smart phones. At present, in the financing activities of Kickstarter, the cheapest Anqor wireless hotspot sells for about $230 (early bird), if raised well, will officially listed in May 2015.


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