RideIT build a new model: “social car-sharing” Uber + LinkedIn

cloud network hunting note: although we can’t improve traffic, at least we can help you find a carpool buddy ah. RideIT designed for professionals and their background is similar, the same route to work can carpool together, and through email certification, ensure the safety of the user.

Indian city traffic hell! Every time someone asked why to be late for work, they will say “traffic jam”.

however, a good many methods to work you can drive themselves or car, call a taxi or auto rickshaws, using all possible ways of transportation, if you happen to live near can also walk.

hyderabad startup RideIT and puts forward a solution, or at least try to solve this problem, it is designed for professionals and people who the same route can work together.

a route you choose, make sure place, people and people and other car pool. This is not limited to cars, also include motorcycle and auto rickshaw. The user can query the price in advance and discuss how to divide the fare.

the idea seems very simple, but is slowly becoming popular. “The main reason is that the government is the powerful measures to improve the traffic.” The company’s co-founder, Rahul Jacob said. In addition, the law are limited,

have sprung up in various cities in the past two years, however, a lot of car-sharing company, like Orahi, Rindingo, Let’s Drive Along and recent Tripda.

for taxi drivers under pressure in the government that seems to be a good choice, but how to ensure the safety of the user?

“after careful consideration we have decided to users is limited to professionals.” Jacob said, “you’re more likely to trust you and people with similar backgrounds.” RideIT 5100 users around the world through the office E-mail address certification company is a well-known company’s employees.

RideIT releasing iOS and Android applications in January, is expected in the near future can have access to the community and university special custom applications. The company also plans to hyderabad outside of the city expansion. The idea formed in Infosys hyderabad park because of its social initiative won praise.

however, the question is: carpooling can guarantee that you get to the office on time? I doubt it, because the driver is likely to be 10 minutes late only then said “traffic jam”.

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