Reveal network “spray cleaner” miserable working condition

this article presents for humanity’s view of to us, let us see the Numbers behind the dark side of the unknown world, and those unknown Internet scavenger.

about some of the most common sexism, racism and discrimination against gay, Alex Chrum is almost fall back such as flow, can you hear the most vicious curse, she also knows that this year, she was every day in again and again repeatedly reading these materials.

Chrum just 25 years old, the young to understand these negative information so, still have to work from her. Chrum worked as a audit specialist at, the site is mainly invited users to discuss the controversial topics, these net review many contains a large number of negative information, so the Chrum had to go into the darkness. Every day, she will select 50-200 range has a problem, and then through the analysis of the read, decide which can be published, which need to disappear.

Chrum in the interview once said: “this is I’ve done the most heart of a job, can let a person exhausted.”

is seated in United States Illinois Swansea desk, her back and forth in the enjoyment of work and hate again and again, the website has a lot of positive discussion about the current affairs and political, these debates actively warmly, filled with positive energy, let the Chrum spirits rose, but, as a moderator, some negative comments and she must be real-time monitoring, such as malicious slander, based on gender, race, sexual orientation, and personal attacks.

Chrum student majored in English literature, and a minor in the study of gender. Though because occasionally in the study of gender discrimination, full of frustration, but always to do this work before, she never thought to the present time there are a lot of people actually believe that satan created homosexuality, was created by god for men of women. This reality makes Chrum filled with shock, she could not accept this reality.

but her job requires her deep thinking every attack, every foul language, and even let her analysis of the hidden behind such comments offensive means.

most of us are actually can’t see these negative reviews, unless you are the so-called “spray” target, because want to shield the dregs is very simple. You can leave the top right corner point fork, spray, the tar out of a friend to cancel the attention, spit the or away from the scrap web site. Spray in pursuit of pleasure, just refresh the basic moral threshold, and the role of the Chrum, is in the innocent users and form a buffer zone between the spray, drove them off. But to protect the innocent users, other Chrum has become a victim, and on their own, such as people have to suffer these dirty thoughts every day.

Chrum quipped: “let a person every day from morning till night every day to do such a thing, too not science good yao! Just tired sleep do not love!”

the major social media sites have been more or less be plagued by these predicament, recently is a bird, almost every week have dramatic events, people often anonymous wanton harass others on social platforms.

, for example, in August, the daughter of the late comedy star robin Williams zell da ji Williams (Zelda Williams) uninstalled Twitter and sets these two apps, reportedly because of its user synthesis robin Williams body photo spread.

I’m sorry, but I think I should be more detached a bit, but I did not do. I’ve put the Twitter and sets a uninstalled, may be a long time, and may never use them again. Hope that time can remove everything. Goodbye.

– zell da ji Williams (@ zeldawilliams) on August 13, 2014,

similarly, but after a few weeks, the Canadian famous female game critics Anita Isaac, Sean (Anita Sarkeesian) in her latest episode after the comments, once again threatened by the rape and murder, but this time, apparently an online attackers had found her position, Sarkeesian immediately contacted the relevant departments.

my family and I were very terrible threat, I’m contact the relevant departments.

– feminist spectrum (@ femfreq) on August 27, 2014,

has been committed to women’s news gawker Jezebel platform, has recently received a anonymous user attack, they are in the comments are uploaded violence, pornography, this problem website for months, until recently have been resolved.

we don’t know the people who censor Internet content with how the inner world, their efforts to let us from the harmful effects of the negative information, but we feel taken for granted, we don’t think this kind of work for their happiness and mental health has caused much impact.

their regulating effect on the network to a great extent, is being underestimated. Moderator is part of the power to promote the development of network, we build the infrastructure of network security, most can only be regarded as a promising to improvise, to bad thought, perhaps never vulnerable. In just a few weeks, Williams, Sarkeesian and Jezebel have attacked, more can illustrate this point.

although we know that network attacks and malicious destruction of harm is enormous, but we know nothing about them one at a time, day after day, in the face of these shocks, what kind of feeling, is influenced by how.

the bridge walter state university psychology professor Elizabeth Englander have been dedicated to the study of cyber-bullying. She views that people do not understand, because so far there is no special institution, to study the mediator in processing network abuse behavior, will be what kind of feeling. There is a kind of metaphor can be image, the digital world of moderators are similar to the real world of police and emergency nurses. Although they are not directly seen bloody or death, but the nature of work they had to face those who generally avoid the dark side of human nature.

their work including identification of child pornography on the Internet, evaluate rape or death threats, etc., over time, many veteran began to learn to separate the work and life, don’t let them see these things into the heart, gradually, they even become numb.

there are a lot of research, to explore and describe the first witness to experience trauma, and treatment measures. But none for the guidance of the mediator, and no one to conclude a standard, clear what kind of people can have the responsibility, or need to accept what kind of training before working.

although rarely seen, but this kind of technical staff really exists, that this has not been solving problems directly affect their lives. Such as Facebook will receive about 1 million contain offensive content report every week, menlo park, California, London and around the management of hyderabad, India, is almost 24 hours a day to investigate the content. Sets a picture uploaded per day 60 million, the company had to hire a moderator to ensure that the application has not been used to “defamation, tracking, bullying, abusive, harassing, or intimidation” other users, Twitter also has a “trust and safety team to review the user’s” aggression.

in a social news site Reddit, there are many volunteers volunteered to serve as moderator, supervision and management of web communities, many of them have therefore become the target of harassment. Recently, those who are often hate mail and death threats the moderators are launched a post, brainstorm in comments, dozens of countermeasures are put forward. There are many webmaster happy to play with the spray, but the team has opened up their own website at a lower level, to let them to share their stories.

at, such an idea is piloting — add a view, not to let users what formal review, but they can easily discuss their views. To this end, the website of community manager Chrum received some basic training, began to enforce a code of conduct, to hard to eliminate certain types of behavior: no harassment or track; Not allowed to abuse or export into dirty; Not to attack other members; No on race, sex or religion; Not in any form of violence threatened.

【 this is Chrum must review the real comments. You vote first, and then drag the progress bar to at the end of the article, see if you and she made the same decision.”

mature as opinions, various comments for Chrum two computers open work all HOLD not to live together, at that time she will put on headphones, listen to music, then dive. As to listen to Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin) or a Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne) music, it depends on her mood at that time.

through the website of the code of conduct, she can quickly identify some of the comments, but some comments property is vague, just between inflammatory statements and offensive language. For example, if a user Posting a status, said if there is no gay, the world will become more beautiful. This can be defined as the threat of violence or slander, or merely a moral point of view? If a person asks, men should play a woman? Someone answered and said, the woman was owed to sort out. This is can be thought of as “rational and thought-provoking conversation”?

the process of racking their brains interpret user intent to Chrum exhausted, because she is trying to explore the inner world of a stranger. Chrum occasionally glance over at the display below adhesive small card, this little card wrote: “keep calm and friendly to others.” Small card dotted with purple and green color, how can have a soothing effect.

the banner soon became the pet phrase of the Chrum, but sometimes this simple sentence is not so easy to perform. No matter how much she sometimes want to scold back directly, she must be restrained. Carefully read the results of these negative comments clearly day by day is not good, the dark side is piling up, like a solar eclipse, a shadow over her life.

she said: “in fact, most of the people engaged in my work is very optimistic, I see the downside of more, because I have to judge, in many cases even came home from work, I will still have been in a state of depression.”

work, these comments get upset, she returned home after also in spare no effort to kill her energy. The working days, or even days off if need her work also want to go to site. She shall not don’t want to some way to improve the situation, such as rest make an effort not to think of these comments, work to see those comments the last straw, hurriedly banter with several colleagues.

she said: “we are together, more or less can share some of the pain. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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