Rental industry women: only women drivers, SheTaxis female passengers

as a “she” born

when you go out, there are the solution to the transportation problem. Rental can be stopped, the subway, by bus, or take out a cellular phone make a car with Uber – no cash can also choose to brush card. Women now, you have a new option – more intimately SheTaxis, specially designed for “her” car rental companies provide services.

just as its name suggests, SheTaxis: our aim is “for service”, so the driver and passengers are required to women. SheTaxis driver will wear pink scarf as one of the logo.

according to the New York times reported that SheTaxis will be 16 this month in New York, west Chester county, long island, as well as online. Renamed SheRides (in New York City, in accordance with the regulations.)

this, uncle doesn’t want to be a taxi driver, or women prefer to meet women drivers, travel can more satisfactory.

SheTaxis mainly through mobile phone App to collect requirements and assigned tasks. App will first ask whether passengers women, if not women, users will automatically be diverted to other rental platform. Service costs by mobile terminal App button, then turn through the system pay corresponding drivers, support the debit card or credit card to pay.

early online, the application only supports iOS mobile end, the future will be further introduced the Android version.

safer, more comfortable

SheTaxis this designed for “she” makes the car rental service, also received a lot of praise. Especially recently, women get a taxi in safe hidden trouble, SheTaxis provides that “the driver + female customers” car rental mode, really make people more comfortable.

New York taxi and car management committee chairman Meera Joshi said, “like many other service industries, with the development of the car rental business, will also gradually thinning, professional business category.” In her view, SheTaxis for car users has brought more convenience and comfort.

a Manhattan school staff Gretchen Britt, 51, fixed monthly demand have a rental service. SheTaxis concept is very close, she said, “with the driver, you will feel safer and more comfortable.”

men from the Bronx Gibson Pierrelouis for same SheTaxis to vote for the supportive. , he said, though he can’t enjoy this service, but he felt for his sisters SheTaxis.

SheTaxis Stella Mateo, the founder of one of the original intention, is the hope that his two daughters grow up, can have on the driver take daughter commute. Mateo, meanwhile, said she also hopes his creation of the car rental service for car rental industry women break the heavens and the earth, she is looking into, next year SheTaxis will expand to other cities such as Washington, Miami, Chicago.

a few now, most of the future

in New York City, for example, car rental service practitioners about 59999, 2952 of whom were female, were accounted for only 5%. In the taxi business, from about 51974, women are only 574, accounted for about 1%.

with the advent of bulletproof partition, security cameras, car rental business from security gradually increase, female drivers have more security practitioners, but even so, from risk still can not be ignored.

in addition to the industry risk generally, women drivers are still vulnerable to discrimination, 54, Miriam Malave is seasoned women drivers, often received a female passenger car rental needs. But while business skills, she also often be male driver fun “hi, this is the man’s work, (or) you go home and do housework well.”

in the near future, a dinner party in Manhattan, many car rental companies say they welcome the addition of the driver, some also said that women would be the best employees. Elegante car rental boss Jose Viloria said. “we can hire more women drivers, provide more high quality service for the society.” (currently, Elegante car rental company employees 350, women drivers only 10.)

“they said.”

SheTaxis will cooperate with existing car rental companies to provide services. SheTaxis currently has six employees, recruited 50 women drivers, ranging in age from 21 to 70 years old.

42, Cristina Velos, after for the 17 years as a hotel housekeeper, resolutely to join SheTaxis. She said that the new job offers more opportunities, at the same time, also can have more time to family. “(it) feel more comfortable, not always have the superior tube with you.”

30 sales agent Lizette, Colon say part-time SheTaxis themselves not only in the weekend. Sometimes you go to a party with SheTaxis service.” If I took a man drives a car driver, I’ll take a his documents and send a friend to ensure safety. I don’t love with strangers – everything you don’t know the man!”

in the 25-year-old young singer Josephina grim view, SheTaxis avoids the male drivers may lead to problems. “Many services are now male exclusive, so a women-only also very rare. I like these SheTaxis.”


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