Registered network announced a new round of total raised more than $100 million Tencent led

hunting cloud network October 13 news

register domestic medical platform network ( announced today that obtain financing from tencent led, the total amount more than $100 million.

registered network was established in 2010, the official claimed that has access to the national 23 provinces more than 900 major hospital, real-name authentication of more than 37 million registered users, 120000 doctors by registered service network to offer patients make an appointment.

registered network, said the capital injection, after the completion of registration website will be 18 to 19 this month 2014 China health conference held in hangzhou new mobile medical open platform — micro medical platform. “Micro medical platform” will get through, with micro letter, QQ to provide interfaces for hospitals and doctors, let the hospital \ doctor a little access to register for network, micro letter, QQ millions of users to provide convenient service.

registered network, founder and CEO Liao Jieyuan said, “micro medical platform” will be done through three services. First of all, the platform through the optimization process, the mobile Internet will assist the hospital from the triage leading examining, make an appointment to start, gradually into the registration fee payment, hospital waiting outside, check the inspection report query, nosocomial one-stop pay, referral hierarchy, after clinical follow-up and keep straight pay settlement.

at the same time, the doctor can through the “micro medical platform” to create a personal brand on the Internet, online consulting, help doctors to build their own patients. In addition, the “micro medical platform” also will dock with the depth of the micro letter, QQ, help the micro letter, QQ users to connect easily connect the hospital, the doctor, obtain accurate and convenient service.

it is understood that after tencent, registered network remain independent. “Health care is the public service industry, is a network of registered public service platform, and will continue to each partner and business chain remain open cooperation.” Liao Jieyuan said.

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