Refused to apple’s position, 19-year-old talented teenage dropout entrepreneurial success

last week, 19 year old John Meyer from a famous university major in computer science dropped out of school, began to devote their own technology start-ups Fresco “News of the work.

at first, his parents on his decision is not very satisfied, because his mother is the professor at the university of New York.

but in the end they still choose to support him, because they have to admit that Meyer has become a successful independent computer programmer. After the self-study of the C language, in high school, in 2008 he began to write applications.

Meyer said, since the high school second grade, he has been with income. “I was lucky, can rational management of money. Beginning in the second year, will be able to support himself.”

due to write iPhone app, Meyer has accumulated a lot of money. In college life a year, he not only able to support themselves, the burden of New York university tuition fees, can lead the development of the Fresco. Fresco “News is a kind of hybrid sets, Twitter and a unique cross application, to big events live images from the ordinary people into a new story.

in the interview, we strongly asked him to reveal his income, but not made public. Just put it this way, probably is equivalent to the best software engineers in the company of science and technology.

even though he was very young, but Meyer development application is very good. He has written about 40 applications, most of them are TapMedia issued by his application companies.

these applications, including the popular iPhone 4 flashlight application Just Light (which can be regarded as one of the earliest flashlight application). According to him, the application downloads to 2 million times, is just too hard to imagine. And apple released the iPhone is now built-in flashlight application.

he said, and the other is a masterpiece of his Perfect Shot, probably is also released a year ago, support iOS 7 system. Online only four capacity to reach 60000 times all over the world, now has more than 1 million times. This app for the iPhone camera equipped with a smile and eye detection function, so you can find out the most perfect picture, and you have to do is just lift the phone waiting for a moment. When everyone is smiling didn’t blink of an eye, the application can help you grasp the most perfect moment. This is a very clever idea.

Meyer understanding has attracted the attention of apple. Apple provided him with a internship job, monthly salary is $5723. For most of the students, this is a dream come true.

but he refused.

he said: “I always receive an email with the recruiter, including apple offers received last summer vacation. But I think of myself is essentially an entrepreneur, I will be very unhappy if you work for someone else.”

he did not worry that they will be lost this opportunity comes once in a blue moon. He said: “as long as I think, I’m sure they will offer me an internship opportunities.”

this is not his young bluster. Meyer said: “every year I take part in the apple developer conference, I contact with a lot of apple employees at the fair.”

“in this field, I have done a lot. And I’m doing right now is has a broad prospect of an investment.”

since 16 years old, he has been in the developers’ conference. For the first time or with the help of my father secretly to attend. His father took him to fly to Los Angeles, in its own name registered, then pass to him.

he laughed: “I was only 16 years old, want to know to people under 18 are not allowed to participating. And then my flashlight application just to succeed. After my father to get the tickets, to fly home, leaving only I a person to stay in Los Angeles.”

and since then, apple began to create a junior developer program. It will be great to meet with the developers of the same age.

if these are not enough to make you impressed, then this can definitely make you gifted with photographic memory: Meyer had entered the Thiel Fellowship in the final. The venture capitalists, by billionaire Peter Thiel funded project, aiming at providing a platform for talented young people who dropped out to let them set up his own company. Only 40 people, final was held in silicon valley. Unfortunately Meyer was not in the final of the top 20.

but it didn’t bother him. In order to make the Fresco “profit, he is with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that potential customers to discuss.

of course, he did not deny himself after never return to the campus. But now, he write application knowledge in order to be able to obtain happiness and profit.


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