Recommended daily 50 sets of dress collocation, struts to trouble you don’t go out dressed!

still stands in front of the closet don’t know what to choose clothes with? Struts you brought into fashion suits the world – that you can find all kinds of popular suit is tie-in, can also create your own suit! Waiting for?

in August of this year, I wrote an article to describe Thiel Fellow project winner Mark Daniel fashion for most of its mobile phones used struts raised $1.5 million. A few months later, struts has been in the App Store shelves for users to download. Use this app users not only can find the latest fashion trend, still can and friends to brainstorm to create suit.

struts design mainly comes from providing users with a platform, let users can be found through the mobile phone platform they want to buy new clothes. Every morning struts will push users to 50 new dress, this way as Tinder a mobile phone app (foreign) similar – if the user doesn’t like the dress will slide to the left, if they like this dress will slide to the right.

struts use machine learning to continuously improve their presented to the user’s clothing and for their own positioning. Ideals of struts is that when a user using the application, the longer the struts can learn the user’s taste and clothing preferences, which can provide users with more clothing choice.

if struts simply to help users find new costumes, such a simple function will not attract so many users. This app really interesting is that it will be found on the basis of these dress to suit for the user design. In addition, struts provides sharing feature, users can share to your friend, will suit it’s formed a social fashion mix.

in addition can be left to choose their own love or don’t like the clothes, the user can also sliding upwards, this action can make them see the suit is tie-in related to this item. For example when you find your favorite shirt, struts will show a series of can and this shirt and jeans, shoes and jacket. When you create a suit, you can share the kit to your friend, and then get feedback.

so far, this feature is quite popular with the users. Daniel said in an interview: “when the struts in beta after six weeks, the average user to make five or six suit every week. In addition, users spend every day in the application of time is about 15 to 20 minutes, this also proves that the popularity of struts.”

to be honest with you, tell you right now “struts” how successful social function will seems a little bit too early, because only a small number of users involved in the beta version of the company, did not have enough users. But when you look at Facebook and Twitter, you have been able to find these two giants of social and struts to create connections.

at least in theory, when the user attention to others, they can see the share of fashionable dress collocation. Users can also share their comments to other applications, such as Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

but struts of the most successful is that it provides a kind of brand-new combines fashion and commercial way, it combines fashion and clothing to provides users with a platform of mobile shopping. This way to make mobile shopping become a more social experience, but this is a lot of applications in the form of designers want to accomplish, but few do succeed.

however, from the current, the struts way of mobile shopping I see is a way. When the app from some different retailers, tens of thousands of items displayed if the user wants to buy, then the application will bring users into retailers selling mobile web pages. But if a suit of clothes from multiple retailers, the user will need to give each retailer to buy fill in credit card and shipping information to a complete set, so it seems that the way this works is quite troublesome.

struts have already gained some successful cooperation profit, but wants to develop better, struts fusion one-click purchase function is needed. Daniel in the interview admitted that his team are trying to implement this function.

struts will add other function in the future, can send information between users, can also be classified collection of clothes. But so far, the most happy thing struts team or the app can finally officially launched, the user can start using the app, so struts can from the user’s usage and make corresponding improvement to the beta.


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