Real weibo marketing success: Twitter KuangZhuan $500000 last year

in this autumn in a sunny morning, the founder of super popular Twitter users UberFacts Sanchez sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Beverly hills shows us UberFacts Android applications of new features. The iOS version of the application is now available. He played a game called UberTap in application, this game is to get users to click on the screen, within the time required to see who click on the number of times within the given time, he says he can click 80 times in 10 seconds. This seemingly simple game to attract users is very big, can make a large number of people addicted to, think about it in ten seconds click 100 times that would be a what kind of crazy feeling? In fact this is not surprising. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, types of cold knowledge makes UberFacts become one of the most powerful brands on Twitter.

“I really want to give people a variety of novel and events, exhibition,” Sanchez said. At the same time, he also put his own dark green jacket sleeves pushed up, revealing his hand wrist tattoos. Covered with a few Chinese characters, “rich” indicates wealth and prosperity. Likewise, in his another wrist tattoo a Chinese characters: “love”. Sanchez, 23, was a dancer before, he learned in high school drama, released in 2010, Microsoft access in times square, he also as a performer in hundreds of performing team to celebrate. At that time he was dressed in jeans and the purple shoes, has a very thick Mohawk style black hair, black hair with a still looms in caramel color. Sanchez said: “I hope people can do every day is not only the serious news, there are more things can go to visit.”

of course, is discovering everyone like topic, Sanchez as the Twitter to one of 100 most influential people. In addition, through summarizing the irrelevant “you never need to know what” made him the richest person on Twitter this type users. UberFacts Twitter page is very “thick-skinned” claim, Sanchez create account since 2009 so far has accumulated more than 7 million fans, at that time he was one of the state university of New york at New Paltz extremely boring college students.

today, Sanchez said he would be able to profit of $500000 a year, this is just to earn from the sponsor links. Operation of these jobs are a named Social Reactor is responsible for the company, the company is mainly responsible for advertisers and relative to meet in the influence of Social media, through Sanchez Twitter release their web page or image. Through a user clicks the link, Sanchez get paid. He also received the cooperation from many big brands, such as ford and Paramount, through a simple tweet, add a link in it and a label, became a virtual Sanchez exclusive slot machines, kept blowing thousands of tens of thousands of dollars a day. In addition, combined with the application, is simply the iOS version, has already been downloaded 1.5 million times or so, advertising revenue is expected to be around $60000 a week, although these also now not formal operation.

ChaCha CEO Scott Jones said, Sanchez is a “special” brand, has a “social” reactor, is a rare he can earn so much money.

Sanchez did so well because he is in the top of the “industry”, Jones is said so. And partly because he has many fans, but more importantly, his participation of the audience is very high, fans in Sanchez Twitter page views on average more than 14 pages, if you post the pics of the ten pages, so they will finish the ten, and then continue to see the back four pages of other content.

in many ways, Sanchez personified a you don’t believe some of the facts, and then arrange them, this is his special. A 20 s college students drop out of school at home on Twitter earns more than most executives earn more money. However, his legend and sometimes passionate, sometimes painful, so young, talented, creative, extremely green new media experts, was forced to grow up slowly can adapt to a fast pace, self adjusting the Internet world.

in the case of Sanchez, until recently, he thinks that the birth of UberFacts is actually for a “hobby”. This is he wants to come out for instead of learning in college of science. He said: “I decided on the Internet looking for interesting things to spend my time.”

a: oh, there is another reason why.

he added: “at that time, I also joined Twitter became a member of the Britney Spears fan, but I don’t have anything can release on Twitter, so I just think, released some interesting things will be a good idea. So I feel I can be closer to her.”

but, unfortunately, Britney didn’t back to powder, he haven’t, but Sanchez has her phone. Since the Sanchez from the state university of New York after dropping out of school, he moved back to his hometown Brooklyn. Then in the two dancers and extracurricular counselor work on work, can has an income of $250 a week, he made the it to Twitter. Like many of the pioneers of the Internet, he can can work on his own apartment, lift the bed every morning, sitting in front of a computer started from a day’s work. His tweets content, intuitive, sharp and very accessible. He soon discovered the hair more tweets at the right time to attract the attention of fans. So after that, he decided to increase the published article 60 to 70 tweets every day. He also spent $1000 on some influential people, please forward his tweets (now this is the taboo on Twitter), and then took off his account.

but a people management, operations, arrange the job very challenging. Earlier this year, he said, he was pointed out that in BuzzFeed and Gizmodo some data is not real, or, in some cases, these data do not look very real.

“every day I want to send a lot of tweets to go out, for I a person, it is very difficult. I find it hard to ensure that every tweets sent out is absolutely right.” Then he added, “I sent out a tweet I think that is true, but sometimes, I found it is not always depressed what I think.”

Sanchez has obvious damage from an accident, he call the incident a “my first public chaos”, although this is not a good thing, but he is very eager to talk about it, may be because it eventually made himself, and his main reason for the mature.

he said: “this is the first time I really really is attacked on the public Internet, and, you know, BuzzFeed is a very popular web site, I and Lindsay Lohan all on the front page of this website. After that I like it very much, well, UberFacts is time need to be treated as a real brand. It has a very large fans, I hope to inject more effort for it, hope it will get better. Now I just want to improve the quality of it.”

in January of last year he moved to Los Angeles, from New York and began to seriously these things. He became chief executive of the UberFacts yourself, there are also two business partners, it is usually a startup tradition, partner is his two best friends and roommates. The startup staff every day from all kinds of reports, web sites and publications for the sort of bizarre stupefying information, this information could make some fans click generate clicks. Then Sanchez at the suggestion of staff to choose which information release.

when asked whether he and his staff from where to find most of the content of the tweets and ideas, he said: “BuzzFeed, ironically enough.” In fact he also from Digg and Reddit above message. “On Reddit, a lot of people are able to dig into an article, then according to the article to write an article related. So I wrote what points inside and see what new things.” Sanchez said.

although he did not always from the New Yorker or other review is very strict resources inside collect, but Sanchez to his staff many times repeatedly stressed the authenticity of content sources. There used to be an employee is some stories for pandas to write some tweets, and released, but later found that the content is from a book about panda story “fabricated”, that is to say the content is lack of authenticity, so this employee was dismissed.

“it is the fourth of our employees, however, only three now,” he said.

UberFacts many tweets are actually very simple, not controversial some facts, especially those links can make money, for example, have been issued such a message “15 kinds of food can increase your sexual desire!” . Occasionally, however, there are some tweets is dependent on the Internet the conventional wisdom, put some details out, in order to increase stunt sensationalism. For example, there is such a tweet: drug Lord Pablo Escobar have very much cash at home, his house mice to chew off nearly billion dollars a year. “

Sanchez cite some resource is from Elite Daily website, it often touts itself as the millennials HuffPo. In editing this week “gangster” Escobar, the content of the drug lords Roberto is cited say so: “Pablo made so much money every year, we will reduce 10% of its revenue, because mice eat the money or by blisters or lost.”

these references from Roberto appears to be a book, called the story of accounting. It this way: in Medellin Cartel violence in the world, the world is fragmented, but the key problem is that the mouse is not only responsible for the damage of Escobar cash.

Sanchez is not the only one read only part of the article before they jump to conclusions, mice eat Escobar billions of dollars in this story has become a widely circulated on the Internet, it has entered into the genes of the Internet, but in fact it is not a “completely true” thing.

UberFacts seems to be a seemingly simple idea, we can do. We have been thinking about some seemingly simple idea, and then make them on Twitter. But UberFacts this brand of art is not just looking for some strange things, and then cut them to 140 characters. Sanchez itself has a seemingly simple but very of her own unique style, and have some techniques about how to describe the problem, some things look totally inconceivable, but seems to be some truth. For example: “the blue whale is so big, big to the human can swim inside their largest veins and arteries.”

is how to work for a network problem he is a warm-hearted student.


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