Ready to go out and Chinese companies, you need these marketing “shortcuts”

cloud network hunting note: the early bird catches the worm. In this year comes, various technology industry marketing professionals on the one hand, summarize what happened in the past year the industry changes, on the one hand and start on the year to predict the future possible changes. Immediately seize the opportunity is based on the fundamental of the industry, in 2015, determined to go for the sales and marketing are just look at former sales director Jonathan Sills with industry news.

in today’s high-tech market, a successful sales personnel must have a keen insight on accelerating technological change and extremely agile reaction force. That is to say, whether it’s in the first time to seize the latest functions of the impact of Facebook, or further subdivided the customer groups, or the first step to find other companies a new super marketing platform, is the key to success. Of course, that there is no lack of among them some established market principles and the methods you can follow, but it is not the same every year the opportunities and challenges. Who can be the first to see the new situation, who can win on the starting line, open the door to new markets.

the forthcoming in 2015, is a year filled with new opportunities and new challenges.

hold the idea, already has a number of consulting with my CEO and marketing director of the future market development trend, part of the conversation, I decided to take it out and share. In order to improve the quality of the content, I further ask before sharing this year some of the great eye of opinions and feedback of market sales personnel, they in the rapid development of science and technology industry practice for many years, any change can be detected in the first time. Here is in 2015, as a professional marketing personnel should be aware of dynamic.

Google will push “custom audience” solution, similar to Facebook ace function

digital advertising on the individual currently will continue toward personal identity development for non-personal behavior. Therefore, in the “who are you” and “what are you doing on this option,” boldly put weight on the former.

one of Facebook’s ace advertising products is to provide a “customize” audience of upload function, will bring the list of the consumer advertisers associated with these consumer social account (of course must follow various privacy policy), thereby allowing advertisers more accurately covering their target consumer groups (and similar).

, for example, a company online sales of spare parts can be on Facebook to upload their most loyal customer service data file, and then the company can directly to these loyal customers to push the latest product release and progress. Google has already begun to move in that direction, designed a similar “audience” function. But have a great success in the Facebook, Google eighty percent will toward the direction of more professional, not jing is colourful the market how can give up.

despite the promotion program type advertising platform and solutions regarding the family efforts never slackened, “online purchasing” will remain the most mainstream television advertising purchase way

the rise of online video, a serious threat to the position of TV advertising industry, but in the traditional industries and emerging industry marketing budget, television advertising is still indispensable. Some companies will wish to more accurately to advertising, according to different user levels, or when the online advertising, or while they watch a video on the tablet or mobile phone. For these enterprises and their partners, of course, not less.

cable/satellite TV/optical fiber TV providers are also constantly create all kinds of attractive opportunities. But efforts, we can imagine in recent years, television advertising purchase way seems to be still difficult to radically change – to continue in an interactive way of online purchase, in certain time certain programs broadcast, such as night football game clearance or the history channel in the daytime.

part of the past through a third party cooperation announced large publishers to withdraw the native advertising business

I hope that the line between the editorial and advertising to keep clear. Native advertising is one of the characteristics of perfect seamlessly fit into a specific site in the form of style and function (such as CNN or insider finance site), the advantage of this kind of “advanced soft wen” is that they look and other daily reports on the site there are few respectively, has increasingly become the unwritten rules of many independent content site. Can see there are big profits, those who cooperate with the third party’s native advertising large publishers and going to the move alone in this line of business, even if will increase their workload. America online (AOL) company has to buy web personalization engine Gravity is a good case in point.

around mobile customer relationship management solution (such as push notification, interactive, multimedia information transmission, etc.) will replace E-mail as the company further communication with the consumer’s new media

this problem’s hard to say. But as more and more pressure and limited (mail to mobile client, smart inbox, Google’s “promotional” label, and continuously improve the spam filter, etc.), the traditional email marketing as once the darling of the now increasingly decline. Kahuma and Iris Mobile is one of the two was the first to notice the trend and development can replace E-mail as a new generation of interactive company.

let’s take the example of online sales of components company. If the company intends to launch a new product, Kahuna will get the information of new products after dealing with the personalized push to mobile phones, rather than the traditional E-mail group. To reposition the target customer, of course, technology is also constantly updated and become more intelligent. Ideal as a result, these replace email new interaction on the performance of personalized customization is more outstanding, and more easily accepted by consumers.

considering the rise of the “Internet of things”, Apple Watch will pave the way for the market sales

although so far I have not personally experienced Apple Watch functions, but I already have been published for Apple’s new interactive mode is full of interest. Such as “light touch” and “tapping” messages, quick graffiti, further compression and intention, and so on. Siri is supposed to have the potential, but failed. Any will promote a simple and practical tool for communication and commerce, is likely to reshape the way we acquire new consumers, and more intelligently to be a part of consumers in daily life has the additional value. Compared to the Google glasses, Apple Watch for marketers seem to be a platform in the promotion of more easily accepted by consumers.


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