Random walk, the main pedestrian navigation + AR live-action, solve O2O last mile

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the contemporary young people, the most don’t lack is entertainment spirit, beer and skittles, master, and with the progress of the society, they play and have more diversification, specialization and differentiation. For this group characteristics, also spawned a variety of Internet services. Group, public comments on web sites such as are for young people to do more successful website, docking people the growing demand of beer and skittles.

in the same way, in the App port, we have found such a personalized applications – just go. Random walk in the last kilometer life artifact. About life, because it involves all aspects of life, beer and skittles. Artifact, because it changed the inherent pattern in the field of mobile navigation, trying to make their own characteristics in the field of mobile pedestrian navigation.

a walk belongs to lightweight pedestrian navigation application. Traditional navigation must have a map, and a walk “to use keywords tag camera sensor, and intuitive guidance” arrow. Adhere to the “refused to map, there is always a direction”!

enter the application, there is no account login, there is no “use to remind users hate, nor in any advertising bounce, have just plain and clear classification select ICONS, including food, bus station, hotel, attractions, supermarket, ATM, cinemas, and so on. This interface design is concise and relaxed, intimate takes into account the large number of users “cleanliness”.

“navigation requires user login and registration, the user can feel trouble, is our own, will find trouble”, random walk, the founder of hong-lei sun convective cloud network said, “in literally go throughout the development process, any details of the adjustment, as well as the function of add, we put yourself into the identity of the user to consider, in addition, will also collect some ideas and Suggestions of users”.

in the product, there are huge amounts of life, can add and delete, personality and convenient, the AR reality technology (keywords tag camera sensor) and intuitive arrow direction, hd panorama browsing around, get rid of complex maps, three-dimensional visual. Click on any tag, perception around 1 km of real information, to look down at the Angle of forming a circle of a kilometer range complanation, the target site and merchants will be in the form of a point in a circle, and has a distance. Turn the cell phone, all peripheral information perception with rotation Angle, and the fun and intuitive; Shake mobile phone, can refresh again correct positioning, leave out the trouble that users manually enter the destination. In addition, the arrow guided navigation, click on the arrow, planning routes, intuitive and convenient. In addition, a walk easily share function also has a key, click share can be lively your path, seen scenery and eat food.

at present, the random walk has reached some achievements, at present already has a large number of stable user fans. Compared with other navigation and life service class APP, hong-lei sun said to literally go do subtraction development direction, have enough confidence, believe that hold close life flow entrance, it is very important.

“you walk in the two extremes: travel hope as far as possible; Life hope close as possible to the needed, flow entrance at close range. So close to the pedestrian navigation will be good, also hope to be able to initial financing negotiations as soon as possible, lay the foundation for the development of the last kilometer life artifact, develop life skills, “wisdom city hong-lei sun said.

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