Radius of a circle: Denver community O2O, personalized needs one stop solution

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I come home from work found that the key lost, what to do. Cook in the home not m, and don’t want to go out, what to do; Early to cities to rent a house, had no resources to find a house of his own, how to do? From all kinds of life found in the scene, the social needs of people and spare time gradually become fragmented, but which also contains a huge business opportunities, namely the personalized social demand and mobile electric O2O mode with the combination of community.

recently, a flagship of the concept of community O2O radius of a circle, gradually attracted the attention of the author. Radius of a circle is a community of users to provide local life of O2O mobile electronic business, dominated by the needs of users, with users of voice order, merchants for single way for the connection of all kinds of service life. Hunting cloud network understand the radius of a circle to the services will include fruit distribution, supermarkets, convenience stores and distribution, clothes dry cleaning, bottled water, lock in locks, plumbing, moving to find car, rent and so on all kinds of life trivia.

in fact, the radius of a circle of logic is very simple, similar to telephone order service properties. Open the radius of a circle App, users choose now need service, enter the address, press and hold to talk, send a voice now need service, delivery confirmation, will demand information to the user as the origin, automatically pushed to radius of 1 km to the district of the city’s range provide the service of the merchants, merchants can rob should be on the radius of a circle merchant end a key, to reach an agreement after the two sides can keep in touch. After users enjoy the merchant services, face to face trade payment, users can evaluate the merchant service can obtain the integral or vouchers.

in the whole process, the user can act as demanders and the provider of the dual identity. Users can through the App you need quick and convenient real-time describe services, merchants can also by applying App safe and convenient service for the user, maximum limit to improve the efficiency of the service; Second, the radius of a circle to the user as the center, first demand generated by the user and then single for the merchants, merchants for users to customize special service according to their own needs and to offer, for the center with the user.

however, with the increase of business platform, the amount of data is more and more big, the user needs to search, filter, contrast, tedious operation such as communication, comparison, and radius of a circle is the traditional merchants to provide the service information structured, slam the door a large number of multifarious information, needed into user voice description, merchants single bid. For the radius of a circle merchants grab single way of bidding, the first is convenient for the user’s use, life personalized needs one stop solution, the second most accurate service information and quotation of convenience stores push, making it easy for users to choose a shop with cost-effective.

in addition, the radius of a circle and merchants to establish the good faith for the user profile, integrity evaluation system become radius ring of the premise and guarantee for quality service. Specific to the radius of a circle, business registration, go through the radius circle scrutiny, the user can for each merchant service quality evaluation, also can directly to the radius of a circle to merchant service problem customer complaints.

from the essence, the radius of a circle is a P2P model and stretching, similar to the Uber,. As is known to all, P2P model already deep Internet financial market, car rental market, such as PP rent a car, driving, friends friends car rental, car renting, etc., the P2P’s greatest value lies in the social idle resources reuse, greatly improve the efficiency of the industry. The radius of a circle on the basis of P2P model, embedded social demand combined with electrical O2O business community, community mobile this may be the future of mobile electricity model of a new reference. However, due to the trust mechanism is not sound in China, such factors as the profit model is not clear, lead to the development of P2P model encountered dilemma, but also makes the prospect of the radius of a circle, unpredictable.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, radius of a circle radius of a circle is affiliated with hangzhou network technology co., LTD., the company is committed to subvert the traditional monopoly with the seller, create a service oriented green transparent mobile service platform of life. At present, the radius of a circle, deep tillage in hangzhou, the future will go to Shanghai, wuhan, guangzhou and other places, from entry level to the development of artificial intelligence platform, such as user to a strange city, the App will push the corresponding merchant services according to user’s habits.

radius circleCompany: hangzhou radius circle network technology co., LTD.

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