Quickly called van: solve the problem of urban freight distribution

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the mobile Internet is changing our way of life, all kinds of mobile phone APP is filled with the life of people, logistics industry is no exception. It implements in the logistics industry can also use a taxi model of the whole process. Today to introduce the “quick to call the truck”, is based on mobile Internet, big data analysis under the integration of urban distribution matching services, such as single, documentary and settlement. At present, has won hundreds of millions of yuan angel rounds of financing.

fast called van is boni of chongqing science and technology co., LTD., its products, founder and CEO Deng Xianyu nine years IT experience, 5 years experience in mobile Internet product design, he worked for the alibaba group, chongqing zhengda software, mobile development between zhengda software team leader.

quickly called truck drivers and the owner two versions. Open the home page of the “quick” called van after registration, enter the order page to confirm the delivery location, place of receipt and related conditions (delivery time, cargo type, vehicle type, and other conditions, etc.), the system through dynamic pricing algorithm is a reasonable price, fast order. Have trucker orders, contact with the driver, at any time to contact the driver later, can start loading. At the same time, to the front of the door delivery system by intelligent scheduling push nearby freight information, let the driver return in stock can be shipped, reduce the return empty loading rate. Quick to call the truck delivery units generally includes freight forwarding and logistics company.

is a freight market is not saturated market, for the driver car more goods less problems for a long time, and traditional every car capacity resources docking, often through information intermediary (yard cattle) to implement the trade, normally charged will be charged.

Deng Xianyu tell hunting cloud network, quick to call the truck is to give drivers more to single channel, also let the owner may at any time information delivery the goods on the platform, and a firm quotation. For the owner on the one hand is to find some emergency driver, and can’t see the driver’s seat not enough security, loss of the goods is three times as much freight compensation. And fast called van as long as the owner of the goods delivery, and 24 hours someone on standby at any time, no one is answering the single within 15 minutes and the personnel of the service manual intervention. And the owner can always check the position of the owner, once appear, loss and damage to the goods, insurance company freight insurance compensation of 10000 yuan, highest than not now three times as much freight insurance compensation to safety.

given the nature of the service, called “truck” also by artificial audit to check each one in the driver’s qualification, many part-time driver for individuals. Need to verify identity card, driving license, and YunYingZheng, guarantee the reliable driver, if there is a fake, false information will not be passed. “Docking platform will be according to the actual vehicle of the driver information, such as his conductor, tonnage, carrier form (warehouse entry, van, tablet) these drivers receive freight information is absolutely fit his vehicle types of freight information”.

in terms of punishment, if the driver is a unilateral default above 3 times or more than three times by the user complaints after verification will be automatically closed by a single authority, the driver after the complaint has a chance to unlock. But if the complaints were again or default would be permanently titles.

at present, the freight cost drivers and owners are direct settlement, “we had purpose is to eliminate layers of subcontract logistics market situation now, I don’t want to act as withhold profits middlemen” Deng Xianyu tell hunting cloud network.

as we have learned, launched in June this year is still in a “quick” called van commissioning phase. Has been opened xiangyang, yichang, jingzhou three pilot cities. By the end of November, 5412 drivers and 13091 the owner occupancy, completed 67598 single, more than 400 single daily maintain. “We plan to more deeply into urban logistics market next year, when the user development to a certain number, will add some freight fee, logistics outsourcing services, value-added services such as business model” Deng Xianyu told hunting cloud network.

at present in the field of domestic logistics, including I need to logistics, freight, fast online looking for trucks and other kinds of the number of freight APP has nearly hundred kinds of. How to freight APP bring users the best experience and the actual benefit, become a problem facing all freight APP must be.

quickly called truckCompany: chongqing boni shi technology co., LTD.

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